Video Doorbells Catching Porch Pirates

Kate Rose

On December 20th In Intrusion, Smart Home & Control, Video Surveillance
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At a time when just about anything from a sauna to a dozen eggs can be ordered on the internet and delivered to a home, the instances of criminals swiping boxes off porches where they have been left is at an all-time high. If you live in any major city metro area, in the United States, you have probably seen the white vans with no signage on the sides delivering Amazon boxes to you and your neighbors. Those boxes are easy prey for criminals as they sit waiting for homeowners to return from work.     

Recent studies show that nearly 24% of online shoppers have fallen victim to porch pirates while nearly 75% say that they feel that having visible surveillance cameras installed in the front of their house could be an effective deterrent to package theft. Video doorbells have skyrocketed in popularity since coming onto the market. These devices have quickly become a go-to deterrent for would be Porch Pirates in both suburban and metropolitan neighborhoods across the country.  The best part is that most homeowners would rather leave it up to a security professional to install them.

Today, video doorbells come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and with just as many various features depending on the model and brand that your customer chooses. Newer high-end models will come equipped with motion detection, 1080p video, and customizable motion zones to avoid false alarms caused by the family dog or any other critters roaming the yard. Some even include motion sensing technology that can tell the difference between people, cars and animals, and facial recognition technology that can also identify visitors by name. Two-way audio is a handy addition to video doorbells that lets the end user speak to their guest or frighten looming Porch Pirates. Even better, with some video doorbells, homeowners can record video of criminals in the act and share the video with their neighbors, warning them and making the whole neighborhood safer at the same time.

While there are stand-alone models on the market, video doorbells are a great add-on component to larger Connected Home & Security system. With the use of a smart-hub, video doorbells can typically be connected to other system components such as door locks, lighting, and sirens. They can integrate with Alexa or Google AI. This means that the sale of a video doorbell could turn into a much larger installation and increased RMR if your sales game is up to par.  As always, if you have any questions about which video doorbell is right for your next project ADI’s Systems Support Group is here to help. You can contact the ADI Systems Support group at 1.800.ADI.SYS1.

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