A Checklist for Selling Access Control Systems

Kate Rose

On January 23rd In Access
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If a customer called you in the next five minutes asking you to design and implement a completely new access control system, would you be ready? Being hired for such a large scale project is great for your business, but without a carefully laid out plan, you could be in for a string of headaches that ends with an unhappy customer. Aside from some of the more obvious questions such as budget and aesthetics, here is a list of some things to consider to ensure that your customer gets exactly the system they are looking for.

Know your customer:

You are approaching the job with years of experience, but it is still vital to take the time to speak with the customer about their goals for the system in the long and short term. Have an initial consultation to determine the following:

  • What type of credentials will be used and how many IDs will be needed?
  • What type of format will be used and can it support the current number of card-holders?
  • Will it be scalable?
  • Retrofit versus new panel: Is the current system upgradeable and what has been the customer’s investment in that system to date?
  • Have parameters changed that require a higher level of security than the current system provides?

Part of this initial conversation should also cover the customer’s security requirements. The following requirements should be confirmed before beginning the system design:

  • Is lockdown capability needed?
  • Are real-time monitoring and detailed audit trails a requirement?
  • Does the facility have any areas that are considered high-security or classified?
  • Are there special requirements for egress such as clean rooms that would involve “no touch” switches?

Observe your customer: 

Take some time to “stake out” the location to get an idea about the culture of the end-users business. Take note as to whether you see employees holding doors open for other employees or for delivery people. If you observe an overly open and accommodating environment, you may consider designing a system with more rigorous rules and procedures.

Audit your customer:

Examine the customer’s facility to get an idea of the state of the current system or systems. This can be valuable information when developing your access control plan. Additionally, an evaluation of the facility can help you identify product options.

  • Determine whether or not the openings are mechanically secure and what kind of key systems is used.
  • Examine the condition of door frames and hinges
  • Identify the customer’s assets and value
  • Identify potential threats

Record the Facility Technical Details:

To successfully plan and implement an access system, you will need to know some technical details about the existing doors:

  • Do doors swing in or out? Are they left or right handed?
  • Does the existing hardware need to be updated?
  • How is each door expected to operate?
  • Where will the best place be for access control equipment to be installed?

When you need to design a complete access control system, reach out to the ADI Systems Group. Whatever your needs, this team of experts is available to help you offer a complete and integrated system to your customer. You can contact the ADI Systems Support group at 1.800.ADI.SYS1

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