Improve Your Customer’s Home Entertainment Experience with Immersive Sound

Andy Row

On August 19th In A/V
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Consumers have constantly been racing to keep up with the best in home entertainment technology. In the past few years, we have seen incredible advancements in television picture quality,  thanks to the improvement of resolution (from 720p HD to 1080p FHD to 4K UHD) and  the development of High Dynamic Range (HDR), which provides higher contrasts and more accurate color.  However, if you are looking to sell your home theater enthusiast customers on a truly immersive entertainment experience, introduce them to 3D Audio, also known as Immersive Sound, one of the latest technology advancements in home entertainment.

Today, home entertainment isn’t just about the number of pixels that fit on a screen or the intensity of color; it is about achieving a full visual and audio experience that makes the viewer feel like he or she is a part of the movie, television show or sporting event being displayed. Do not underestimate how important audio is to accomplishing that immersive experience. Until recently, traditional surround sound systems were comprised of multiple speakers that simply surrounded the viewer on a two-dimensional plane by distributing sound through each individual speaker. Immersive Sound breaks through to a third dimension by adding “height”, allowing viewers to hear sounds from not only all around them but from above as well. An Immersive Sound system does this by associating a sound with individual objects (such as breaking glass or an airplane engine) , deciphering that sound in the 3D audio system and distributing it through a combination of speakers to create the immersive experience in the home.

Consumers take pride in their home entertainment systems, and as they look for that “total” experience, their expectations will not be met by, for example, pairing a UHD TV with a subpar sound system. However, combining the same TV with an immersive, multi-tiered audio system provides a deeper experience and takes the viewer to a different level. If your customer does care about the quality of their home viewing experience, a new Immersive Sound system should be an easy sell. It’s likely that they only need to be made aware of the technology that is available to them.

For assistance with designing a home audio system of any kind ADI’s Systems, Sales, and Support Team is here to help. You can contact the ADI Systems Support group at 1.800.ADI.SYS1

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ADI Global Distribution

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ADI would like to wish all of our friends and followers a happy and a healthy Independence Day!  

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