Security Installation

How Technology Can Address the Security and Safety Needs of Small Campuses

Todd Keller

On February 27th In Access,IP Surveillance Video
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On practically any given day, America is bombarded with headlines about security incidents. This steady stream of news has prompted campuses large and small to adopt a wide variety of technology solutions so they can protect their people, property and other assets. The challenge for many smaller organizations, however, is that they often find themselves […]

Providing the HD Video Surveillance Your Customers Want at a Price They Can Afford With HD-Over-Coax

Garrett Savage

On May 5th In IP Solutions,IP Surveillance Video,Video Surveillance
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When it comes to surveillance systems for a home or business, one of your highest priorities needs to be resolution. Proper resolution for surveillance equipment could mean all the difference when it comes to being able to pick up important details during suspicious activity such as a car’s license plate or the facial features of […]

DIY Brake Jobs?

David Engebretson

On November 24th In Intrusion
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As you are likely aware, there are a number of companies such as Simplisafe, Iris, Canary, and Oplink to name a few, who advertise “Do It Yourself” (DIY) alarm systems, primarily aimed at residential and small commercial customers. This influx of DIY alarm systems into the market raises an inevitable question; as security professionals, how […]