NICET Training at Your ADI Branch

Marco Cardazzi

On October 2nd In Fire
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Many states and local jurisdictions are now requiring that personnel who are engaged in the installation and service of fire alarm systems be certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET). There are four levels of NICET applicable certifications that can apply to our industry, these being Levels I-IV which corresponds to Apprentice, Journeyman, Designer, and Senior Manager. ADI dealers who are involved with fire alarms should be aware of which NICET certification(s) are required by local AHJs and/or state requirements.

Through a partnership with the National Training Center (NTC), ADI dealers and their personnel can receive valuable training at local ADI branches that will enable individuals to successfully pass the appropriate NICET formal examination(s). Over 6,000 alarm industry professionals have been trained by the NTC in the past ten years.

There are two different NTC NICET training classes that are presented at ADI branches. The basic class covers the information needed to study for the NICET Level I and II tests, while the advanced classes cover the material included in the Levels III and IV testing.

The NTC comprehensive NICET training can be obtained either by attending a two-day live training class at your ADI branch, or by purchasing the NTC online training program from ADI part #5T-TRNING.

The high quality of the NTC NICET training is reflected in the percentage of students who successfully pass their NICET formal examination when taking the test the first time. Based on recent surveys from NTC, 93% of the students who attended these classes in 2012 passed their NICET test on their first attempt.

This year, NTC scheduled 88 classes at ADI branches all over the country, which includes presentations of both the Level I & II and Level III & IV classes.

To get your NICET certification you can get started by purchasing the NTC study manual, ADI part 5T-NICET1234. Then candidates for NICET certification can sign up at the local ADI branch to attend the live training, or use the convenient online training program mentioned above.

It is critical for fire alarm technicians, designers, and company management to comply with local requirements for NICET certifications, and the best way to ensure you get the certification you need is by signing up at ADI for the NTC training sessions.

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