NEW! Shop My Branch on the ADI Website

Laura Phelan

On May 17th In ADI Corporate Messages
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As part of our on-going effort to make it easier for you to Shop & Order with ADI Global Distribution, we’ve added a NEW feature to the ADI Website.  It’s called “SHOP MY BRANCH” and it’s the easiest, most convenient way to Check Product Availability in your local ADI Branch.

By clicking the “SHOP MY BRANCH” icon at the top of the ADI website, you can instantly access Best Selling products In Stock at your branch. Browse or search for products available now, see what’s on sale and easily find the products you most frequently purchase in your branch.

With “SHOP MY BRANCH, you can shop your local ADI Branch Location at your convenience, in the office or after hours, on the ADI Website.  To take advantage of this great new feature, Sign In to the ADI Website Today!