Beyond Surveillance – Business Uses for Video Data

Garrett Savage

On March 19th In Video Surveillance

In this age of “Big Data” where every purchase, contact, or web site visit is logged by some company in hopes of using the information for marketing or other uses, video surveillance systems can play a critical role in providing end-users with valuable information about their businesses.

Through the use of video analytics clients can gain a number of valuable types of information. Consider a retail location such as a drug store. If a customer is standing and staring at the shampoo shelves for more than a set time, say three minutes, video analytics can notify the store manager that the customer is confused over which product they should purchase. A store employee can be quickly alerted to help the customer make their decision.

Many retail clients want to be able to analyze their customers’ behavior patterns. At what part of the store do most customers go to first? How long do customers stay in the store to look around at the available products? What effect occurs when the store changes its displays, product group locations, etc.? All of these types of valuable information can be generated by the application of video analytic software.

Some clients are even using their video system to verify compliance with labor laws and also work hour issues. Perhaps the client has a warehouse and has required all employees to wear lower back supports when lifting items on the job. Video surveillance can allow management to verify that the rules of their company are being followed, particularly those involving worker safety. By confirming that the employees are using the proper equipment and methods for performing their tasks employers should be able to reduce job-related injuries which can often result in disability claims and lawsuits.

So the next time you are speaking with a client regarding their surveillance system, talk to them about these additional benefits that a high-quality video system will provide for them. Today’s video surveillance systems are much more that crime deterrents or forensic tools; they can also save your client’s time and money while increasing their businesses’ efficiency and profits.

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