Announcing ADI’s MORE DISCOUNTS Program!

Laura Phelan

On January 26th In ADI Corporate Messages

To learn about the ADI More Discounts Program available in North America click one of these links: 
United States     Puerto Rico     Canada


Do you want to save MORE on products and services from OTHER companies? Well as an ADI customer, now you can! We are proud to announce the ADI More Discounts Program which provides you with money-saving opportunities to buy the OTHER products and services you use every day. At ADI, we value our relationship with our customers and wanted a way to show our appreciation and help you save money, so we’ve developed this savings program exclusively for our customers. Now as an ADI dealer, not only can you benefit from the sales promotions we offer on the products you need for all your installations, but now you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of discounts on many other products and services as well.

Exclusively at ADI, the More Discounts Program offers savings opportunities on everything from insurance and electronics to car rentals and theme parks and much more. ADI dealers can save big on automotive, travel, electronics, financial services, wireless, retails, gifts and more. We are offering you a new way to shop and save on the products and services you are buying every day.

How does this work? Well it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is be a customer of ADI with an online account. To access the dedicated site, just log in to the ADI website and go to “My Account”. Click on the More Discounts banner. It’s just that easy!

Once you are logged in, the program information is at your fingertips and the convenient links make shopping a breeze! Browse through the auto purchase programs before buying your next car, plan your next trip with hotel discounts, enjoy savings on electronic equipment, pick up discounted theater or sporting event tickets, or check out all the available discounts for financial services. The opportunities are endless!

We will be adding new products and services, as well as seasonal sales and special promotions, so I suggest that you sign into the ADI website and visit it regularly so you don’t miss any of the exciting offers. Please note availability of offerings may vary by location.

To learn about the ADI More Discounts Program available in North America click one of these links: 
United States     Puerto Rico     Canada