Access Control and K-12 School Security

Daniela Cardazzi

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School security is at the top of everyone’s minds. Each school is unique and there’s no “one size fits all” security solution, but a secure facility should:

  • Control and monitor access to the campus perimeter and each building, using either traditional locking solutions or with access control technology
  • Quickly secure classrooms from the inside or from administrative offices
  • Provide a safe means of egress from the building

As the season for K-12 school security upgrade retrofits heat up, dealers need to be aware of the many easy-to-install electric strike solutions available that can leverage the schools’ existing hardware investment. A popular solution for quickly adding perimeter security are the surface mounted HES 9600 and 9400 Series electric strikes. These Grade 1, outdoor rated electric strikes allow schools to lock down the campus with the push of a button and can also be used on cafeteria and gymnasium doors for an additional layer of security.

For schools that want to add access control to interior openings without replacing door hardware or cutting the frame should look into options like the HES no-cut 8000 Series for cylindrical locksets or the 8500 Series for mortise locksets. Common K-12 applications include classrooms, administrative offices and staff lounges, and fire-rated versions are available.

HES Surface Mount ½” Slim-Line Electric Strike
(ADI part# HE-940010401)

But, there are a number of frequently missed opportunities to improve security and safety in your local schools. As you do your assessment, here are four commonly overlooked opportunities:

  1. Don’t forget about the gates and fences surrounding the campus. Both HES and Securitron offer outdoor rated solutions designed to secure a wide variety of vehicle and pedestrian gates requiring security and weather resistance. When choosing a maglock for outdoor use, look for ones that are fully sealed and conformal-coated for weatherproof operation with all metal surfaces that are plated for durability and rust resistance, conduit fitting, and no exposed electronics anywhere. Look for a UL outdoor rating on the electric strikes. With electric strike’s look for a UL outdoor rating.
  2. Protect the power path – your access control devices are only as secure as the power that supplies them. Children are incredibly tough on hardware, so consider extra durable, concealed options like the Securitron CEPT or the Securitron ICPT placed at the top of the opening to power hardware on the door.
  3. Every electrified device needs a power supply – make it the right one. Choose a highly efficient power supply with dedicated battery charging circuit. Schools today need to save every penny they can in energy costs. Choosing a highly efficient power supply like the Securitron AQD6, not only saves energy costs, but also prolongs the life of access control devices. A power supply with a dedicated battery charging circuit ensures that the locking device is not over powered, voiding the warranty and wearing out the device prematurely.
  4. Doors aren’t the only opportunity for access control – consider cabinets and drawers. Schools are required to keep testing materials, medications, cleaning supplies, confiscated materials, and expensive electronics secure. Audit trails are often required, but wiring cabinets and drawers can be cost prohibitive. There are now wireless options available that solve this problem. Options are even available for server cabinets.

Securitron PowerJump Inductive Coupling Power Transfer (ADI part# SN-ICPT)

ADI offers a full line of access control products designed to keep schools safe. Stay tuned for future posts on ADI’s K-12 access control offering or click here to learn more.