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Guide to Creating Whole-Home Wi-Fi Solutions

Do traditional routers or mesh kits create the best whole-home Wi-Fi? Here are the pros and cons of both for residential network installations.

Big Box Companies Hit the Home Control Market with In-Home Sales Efforts

As you may have seen in the news or on social media recently, big box stores have begun to hire sales teams and are training them to become field representatives to sell many of their products and services which include… Continue Reading →

Come See ADI at InfoComm 2017

If you are at InfoComm 2017, then do not miss everything there is to see at ADI’s newly redesigned booth! (#743). Stop by to learn how ADI can help introduce you to new technologies that will help you gain additional… Continue Reading →

Don’t Miss ADI at InfoComm 2017

InfoComm 2017 is here, and if you are going to be at the show in Orlando, you won’t want to miss everything there is to see at the ADI booth #743. ADI Global Distribution is focused on introducing integrators to new… Continue Reading →

Be Your Customers’ IT Consultant

It would be safe to say that, smaller companies having fifty or less employees don’t typically have on-site IT personnel to manage their network usage and devices. At the same time employees have broken out of their cubicles using mobile… Continue Reading →

Don’t Miss the ADI Security Solutions Pavilion and More at InfoComm

InfoComm 2016 is here and if you are going to be at the show in Las Vegas you won’t want to miss everything there is to see at the ADI booth #C5423. We invite you to come see and test some… Continue Reading →

Wireless Controllers and Roaming: What You Need to Know

Designing a wireless network that cost-effectively delivers seamless roaming can be a real challenge. As a custom installer, it’s important to understand some of the intricacies of Wi-Fi in order to provide the best roaming experience to your customers without… Continue Reading →

Maximized Wi-Fi to Solve Potential Problems when using Wi-Fi IP Devices and IP Cameras

As most all residential and commercial clients now have Wi-Fi availability, our industry has seen an increase in the demand for, and potential usage of Wi-Fi Enabled Cameras and IP Devices. Wi-Fi availability makes the connection of a camera to… Continue Reading →

Maximizing Wi-Fi Functionality

To get the best performance from high-performance Wi-Fi Access Points (WAPs), installation companies should take careful consideration of the type of cable and connectors used for network connection, placement of the WAPs in the client’s building, and their potential usage…. Continue Reading →

Wi-Fi Signal Strength Testing Using Smartphone Apps

When planning to use a Wi-Fi connected IP security device such as a camera, door lock, or alarm transmitter it’s critical that technicians test the signal strength of the Wi-Fi network at the exact spot where the security device is… Continue Reading →

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