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New Zealand Company Starts Automated Drone Business

As reported by on November 17th, 2015 the Advanced Security Group, a New Zealand company is launching an automated drone surveillance service. The service called VigilAir has received Civil Aviation approval and has a patent applicable for software that can… Continue Reading →

Drones for Electronic Security Functions

An article in the Wall St. Journal this past April titled “Watch out Sheepdogs, You may be replaced by a Drone” details the use of “quad-copter” drones to herd livestock and check on the condition of the animals. The drones… Continue Reading →

Tips for Choosing Video Products

Video surveillance is one of the most critical components of any organization’s overall security plan. That’s reflected in one research firm’s estimate that the global market for cameras, recorders and switches will reach nearly $43 billion by 2019. That opportunity… Continue Reading →

Are Your Customers’ DVRs and NVRs Working?

In my house I have a number of IP cameras set up from various vendors. A few of the cameras are set to send video streams to an NVR connected to my LAN. We recently had a power outage that… Continue Reading →

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