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Increase your Security Project Revenue with Network Audio and Analytics

When you’re competing for security projects, differentiate yourself with a better value proposition. Adding network audio and analytics to network video elevates your proposals to a new level. You transform a passive, reactive video solution into a proactive, real-time deterrent…. Continue Reading →

New Hampshire Liquor Stores – Security is a Top Priority: A Case Study

Liquor stores are the perfect business for video surveillance.  Like any retail environment, they will be the target of crimes that range from product theft, vandalism and parking lot altercations, to more serious situations which may include violence.  There are… Continue Reading →

How to See Better in the Dark

What to look for in a Surveillance Cameras for Low Light Environments When it comes to the applications for video surveillance in low light environments, Security Integrators cannot afford to remain in the dark. Whether a camera is meant to… Continue Reading →

H.265 vs. H.264 – What’s the Difference?

As the development of video compression technology continues to advance, High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is quickly rising to the forefront of the field. This technology, also called H.265 is being widely embraced by video content providers and carriers, including the… Continue Reading →

Drones for Electronic Security Functions

An article in the Wall St. Journal this past April titled “Watch out Sheepdogs, You may be replaced by a Drone” details the use of “quad-copter” drones to herd livestock and check on the condition of the animals. The drones… Continue Reading →

Tips for Choosing Video Products

Video surveillance is one of the most critical components of any organization’s overall security plan. That’s reflected in one research firm’s estimate that the global market for cameras, recorders and switches will reach nearly $43 billion by 2019. That opportunity… Continue Reading →