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A Guide to Using Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Learn what PoE is and when to use it to save you time and money with this guide.

Using Existing Phone Lines for IP and PoE Transmission in Surveillance Systems.

Running new cable can be a costly and time-consuming part of any video surveillance installation. Fortunately, IP adapter technology has innovated to the point where virtually any existing telephone cable that has at least two continuous copper conductors can be… Continue Reading →

Be Your Customers’ IT Consultant

It would be safe to say that, smaller companies having fifty or less employees don’t typically have on-site IT personnel to manage their network usage and devices. At the same time employees have broken out of their cubicles using mobile… Continue Reading →

Selecting the Best Cable for Your Next Installation

  One of the great benefits of using IP-enabled security devices is their compatibility with various types of cables such as Cat5e/6 UTP, copper coax, and fiber optic links.  This provides security installers with a range of options when it… Continue Reading →

PoE Network Switch Power Calculations and Usage

In most green field installations where new Cat5e/6 UTP cable will be installed to connect remote IP cameras and devices it only makes sense to use the PoE powering option that most major vendors are building into their medium to… Continue Reading →

Tips for Choosing Video Products

Video surveillance is one of the most critical components of any organization’s overall security plan. That’s reflected in one research firm’s estimate that the global market for cameras, recorders and switches will reach nearly $43 billion by 2019. That opportunity… Continue Reading →

High Power PoE Applications

One of the attractive features of using IP devices for physical security systems is the ability to provide the power to a remote device over the same Cat5e/Cat6 UTP, coax, or twisted copper pair cabling that is used for the… Continue Reading →

Ethernet Alliance Plans for PoE Technology Logo Certification Program

The Ethernet Alliance, which consists of many of the manufacturers of networking equipment, industry experts and government officials, is promoting a proposed industry certification program for PoE (Power over Ethernet) devices as reported this past summer. Compliance with accepted standards… Continue Reading →

PoE Calculations and Switch/Injector Limitations – Part Two

When planning to use PoE to power IP devices, there are two basic values that need to be determined. The first thing to investigate is how much power does a specific IP device require? This information is going to be… Continue Reading →

PoE Calculations and Switch/Injector Limitations – Part One

One of the great advantages of using IP-enabled physical security devices is the common availability of PoE or Power over Ethernet. This technology can provide all the power necessary to operate IP cameras, intercoms, access control panels, video encoders, and… Continue Reading →

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