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Maximized Wi-Fi to Solve Potential Problems when using Wi-Fi IP Devices and IP Cameras

As most all residential and commercial clients now have Wi-Fi availability, our industry has seen an increase in the demand for, and potential usage of Wi-Fi Enabled Cameras and IP Devices. Wi-Fi availability makes the connection of a camera to… Continue Reading →

Origination of the IP Addressing Format

When the original system of IP addresses was conceived in the late 1970s the device address designations were set in a format called “IPV4.” This is the common format of IP address that is used is most all LAN and… Continue Reading →

Private and Public IP Address Ranges

IP enabled devices each have a “private” or “local” IP address that identifies that device on the local network to which it’s connected. Each of these addresses must be unique on that network, with no replication of a single address…. Continue Reading →

How to Become the IT Manager of Your Installation – Part Two

Once the range of IP addresses that are currently being used by a client’s LAN has been discovered by using the ipconfig /all command, installation technicians can start to plan the specific static IP address that will be input into… Continue Reading →

How to Become the IT Manager of Your Installation – Part One

When installing an IP enabled security device onto a client’s network security dealers often have to put on their detective’s hat in order to determine what local IP address should be used. In many cases there is no IT professional… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Addressing TCP/IP Software Ports for Security Installations

Along with IP and MAC addresses, devices communicating with each other over LANs and the Internet use channels of communication which are called the TCP/IP software ports. These are not physical plug-in ports on a switch or router; instead they… Continue Reading →

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