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Are Your Customers’ DVRs and NVRs Working?

In my house I have a number of IP cameras set up from various vendors. A few of the cameras are set to send video streams to an NVR connected to my LAN. We recently had a power outage that… Continue Reading →

Use a Light Meter to Upsell CCTV Systems

Many clients will make their purchasing decision based on the quality of the sales presentation they receive from a security company. In today’s technical world, a salesperson who justs throws a number at a prospective customer is not taking advantage… Continue Reading →

High Power PoE Applications

One of the attractive features of using IP devices for physical security systems is the ability to provide the power to a remote device over the same Cat5e/Cat6 UTP, coax, or twisted copper pair cabling that is used for the… Continue Reading →

Smart Security for the Small Business Customer

Internet-connected smart devices with HDTV video have conquered the mainstream consumer electronics market. From TVs to tablets, mobile phones to laptops, consumers have come to expect high definition, cloud-accessible content as a matter-of-course for their entertainment and communication platforms. For… Continue Reading →

DDNS the Easy Way with Axis Cameras

Dynamic Domain Name Services (DDNS) is a critical component when installing IP enabled cameras and video equipment into a client’s location. If viewing of recorded and live video over the Internet is part of the plan, in most cases security… Continue Reading →

Use of Network Time Protocol for IP Cameras, NVRs, and Devices

The investigation of the bombings in Boston was an important moment for our industry. Because of the surveillance cameras installed near the marathon finish line, authorities were able to quickly get quality images of the alleged perpetrators out to the… Continue Reading →

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