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Easy Trick for Separating and Untwisted UTP Pairs

For the longest time, the common method for preparing a Cat5e/6 cable for termination has been to separate about two inches of the end of the outside jacket to expose the UTP pairs and begin untwisting the four individual pairs… Continue Reading →

Indoor/Outdoor Rated Fiber Reduces Installation Costs

  As IP Security applications and other technology continues to demand increased bandwidth to manage large amounts of data, we have seen a rise in the use of fiber optic cables in between buildings as well as within structures. While… Continue Reading →

Honeywell Cable – Striped Fire Wire: Standing out in a Crowd

When you’re 30 feet off the ground in a lift basket in a dimly lit warehouse, isolating a cable in a bundle of red fire cables can be challenging, to say the least.  While you toil away trying to isolate… Continue Reading →

Be Your Customers’ IT Consultant

It would be safe to say that, smaller companies having fifty or less employees don’t typically have on-site IT personnel to manage their network usage and devices. At the same time employees have broken out of their cubicles using mobile… Continue Reading →

Maximized Wi-Fi to Solve Potential Problems when using Wi-Fi IP Devices and IP Cameras

As most all residential and commercial clients now have Wi-Fi availability, our industry has seen an increase in the demand for, and potential usage of Wi-Fi Enabled Cameras and IP Devices. Wi-Fi availability makes the connection of a camera to… Continue Reading →

The Future of Ethernet

The Ethernet Alliance is a US-based nonprofit organization that works to set the standards for Ethernet communications over networks. This past March they released their 2015 Ethernet Roundup which detailed the future types of Ethernet that are being developed. Ethernet… Continue Reading →

Maximizing Wi-Fi Functionality

To get the best performance from high-performance Wi-Fi Access Points (WAPs), installation companies should take careful consideration of the type of cable and connectors used for network connection, placement of the WAPs in the client’s building, and their potential usage…. Continue Reading →

Pick Up the ADI 2015-2016 IP Solutions Catalog

It’s an exciting time to be part of the security industry as the IP market continues to evolve and create new opportunities. As your distribution partner, we want to help you gain new revenue streams and capitalize on this growing… Continue Reading →

Network Switch Fabric Specifications

When planning an installation involving multiple high-bandwidth IP cameras, often security dealers wonder “can the network handle the combined bandwidth of the X number of cameras that are going to be connected?” First, security dealers should verify via testing that… Continue Reading →

Use a Light Meter to Upsell CCTV Systems

Many clients will make their purchasing decision based on the quality of the sales presentation they receive from a security company. In today’s technical world, a salesperson who justs throws a number at a prospective customer is not taking advantage… Continue Reading →

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