Author Kavita Boodram

Packet Loss and “Fast” Broadband Internet Services

We are currently in the midst of a technological boom the likes of which has yet to be seen in our lifetimes. With the unprecedented growth of IP-enabled devices, smart phones, Netflix, and internet-based services such as Uber, it seems… Continue Reading →

Surge Protectors May Not Be Enough

Network equipment such as PCs, servers, and network switches can have their performance disrupted by AC power outages along with fluctuations in the current being provided to the devices. Common AC problems include “surges” where the voltage increases and then… Continue Reading →

Are Your Customers’ DVRs and NVRs Working?

In my house I have a number of IP cameras set up from various vendors. A few of the cameras are set to send video streams to an NVR connected to my LAN. We recently had a power outage that… Continue Reading →

New Video Resolution Standards Coming to Video Surveillance Industry

In the past few years most all consumer video and many IP surveillance cameras/systems are providing 1080i or 1080p video resolution. It is the desire for higher quality images that is driving many end-users to upgrading their existing CCTV systems… Continue Reading →

DDNS the Easy Way with Axis Cameras

Dynamic Domain Name Services (DDNS) is a critical component when installing IP enabled cameras and video equipment into a client’s location. If viewing of recorded and live video over the Internet is part of the plan, in most cases security… Continue Reading →

PoE Calculations and Switch/Injector Limitations – Part Two

When planning to use PoE to power IP devices, there are two basic values that need to be determined. The first thing to investigate is how much power does a specific IP device require? This information is going to be… Continue Reading →

PoE Calculations and Switch/Injector Limitations – Part One

One of the great advantages of using IP-enabled physical security devices is the common availability of PoE or Power over Ethernet. This technology can provide all the power necessary to operate IP cameras, intercoms, access control panels, video encoders, and… Continue Reading →