Today’s modern conference and convention centers require advanced technology to welcome and entertain guests. Such venues use low-voltage systems every day for everything from networking to AV and fire safety. With ADI’s robust product selection and end-to-end services, we have everything you need to provide guests and audiences with an exceptional experience. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your next conference or convention center project.

Professional AV

With presentations being a central activity at conferences and convention centers, reliable AV is a must-have. Outfit meeting rooms, auditoriums, or exhibition halls with commercial AV products from ADI, such as video conferencing equipment, commercial projectors, microphones, speaker systems, screens, and accessories, to provide a captivating guest experience. Or choose from our wide range of connected TVs, which can be used as digital signage to direct guests throughout the premises or display sponsor logos.

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Video Surveillance

Monitor areas, such as elevators, parking garages, and entry points, with the help of video surveillance equipment. Through the use of sophisticated cameras and monitors, security personnel can keep tabs on guest activities and monitor foot traffic. With a wide selection of video surveillance equipment available, ADI can help you monitor guest and personnel activity during conferences and conventions.

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Fire Safety

With a large number of guests in attendance and a great deal of square footage to protect, safety is a central concern during conferences and conventions. Safeguard guests and protect facilities from fire with the help of ADI’s portfolio of best-in-class smoke and heat detectors, fire control panels, alarm pull stations, notification and voice evacuation solutions, alarm communicators, and accessories. With the right fire safety equipment and evacuation plans, you can put guests and organizers at ease.

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Access Control

With conference and convention centers comes areas that need to be off-limits to guests. Secure restricted areas with access control products and accessories from ADI. Use keycards, key fobs, and badge-making tools to give personnel the access they need right when they need it. ADI also offers push-to-exit buttons, turnstiles, and walk-through metal detectors to support pedestrian traffic. Or incorporate safety features like touchless entrances to bathrooms. Many ADI products can be integrated into centralized access management systems, allowing personnel to keep track of who is coming and going throughout the day.

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There’s no doubt that a reliable network is required for your conference or convention to run smoothly. Whether presenters need to access a presentation from the cloud, stream their session for off-site attendees or guests want to share their experience live on social media, ADI has a wide selection of hubs, switches, routers, wireless access points, PoE injectors, and repeaters to enable reliable communications from a laptop or any mobile device.

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Wire and Cable

Conference and convention centers are large facilities that require a significant amount of wire and cable to operate effectively. Select from ADI’s access and security cables, fire alarm cables, network cables, network patch cables, pre-terminated cable assemblies, and speaker wire to ensure your fire, access control, intrusion, communications, and surveillance equipment are up and running smoothly.

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Tools and Hardware

Arrive to install your project with confidence by having the right tools and hardware. Get the crimpers, screwdrivers, conduits, mounts, testers, raceways, wiring accessories, and related solutions you need to install your project. To help you be prepared, ADI has a wide selection of tools and hardware to help you get the job done.

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Cybersecurity Tools

Ensure your IT network is protected from cybersecurity threats with the help of ADI’s Defendify. This award-winning cybersecurity platform helps you identify gaps and improve defenses with three free cybersecurity tools. Help your clients check their cybersecurity posture, identify critical network vulnerabilities and get notices about trending attacks and incidents that could affect connectivity during a conference or convention.

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Herman Integration Services

Conferences and convention centers require sophisticated AV solutions that take time to plan and install. Herman Integration Services is here to help. Herman technicians and support staff can install your next project, complete site surveys, provide pre-and post-sales support, program devices, troubleshoot, and provide custom CAD drawings. Herman Integration Services is the easy way to expand your AV capabilities.

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Systems Design

Designing the right solution for large conference and convention centers is a complex job. ADI’s Systems Design team is here to help installers and dealers find the right products at the best possible price while providing the guidance needed to ensure that a project is a success from start to finish. Get in touch with our Systems Design team today by filling out a short form.

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Project Registration

Outfitting a large conference or convention center with the right technology is no easy feat and it can be difficult to determine which products make sense for your project. We can help you get started. Register your project with ADI and we’ll leverage our vendor relationships to get you the preferred pricing you need to provide a competitive bid. Simply fill out a form to register your project with ADI.

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Designed to streamline and simplify your next project, our D-Tools software makes it easy to create sophisticated proposals, generate engineering drawings and manage your field service team. Or use visual reports and analytics to quickly respond to ever-changing project conditions. In any case, D-Tools is a great way to drive sales, increase profitability and improve productivity.

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