The education sector, consisting of primary and secondary (K-12) schools, colleges and universities, vocational technology centers, pre-K facilities, daycares, university-affiliated labs and research institutes, special-education schools, virtual learning institutions, and other entities, uses low-voltage solutions every day. ADI’s industry-leading product inventory, along with its range of end-to-end services, can help you win and retain business in this crucial vertical. Connect with our experienced ADI team for help with your next school installation.

Classroom AV Solutions

Today’s educators, especially at the university level, often rely on AV solutions like commercial displays and projectors to deliver lectures. Additionally, many schools offer hybrid and remote learning options, where instructors use video conferencing products such as headsets and webcams to teach the class. ADI carries everything you need to accommodate in-person and remote learning alike.

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Access Control

ADI’s inventory of access control products gives administrators and security personnel the means to manage their campus on every front. ADI offers entry and exit products for gated parking lots, keypads and readers for secure areas, and solutions like push-to-exit buttons, turnstiles, and walk-through metal detectors for pedestrian traffic. Many ADI products can be integrated into centralized access management systems, allowing the educational institution to keep tabs on who is coming and going across the entire school.

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Whether it’s a local pre-K or an Ivy League college, fire safety is always of paramount importance. ADI’s portfolio of smoke and heat detectors, fire control panels, alarm pull stations, notification and voice evacuation solutions, alarm communicators, accessories, and other products features the most trusted brands in the industry and can accommodate everything from chemistry labs to dorms to cafeteria kitchens.

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Elementary, junior high and high schools typically depend on paging and intercom systems to quickly locate students or employees, broadcast announcements, and relay emergency information. Similarly, many colleges and universities incorporate emergency paging systems. ADI offers microphones, loudspeakers, cabling, and related products that give the school administration an open line to the rest of the campus.

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Video Surveillance

School security is a central concern for all types of educational institutions, and ADI’s suite of video surveillance solutions gives administrators the means to safeguard perimeters, hallways, parking lots, stadiums, campus quads, and other points of interest. Multiple cameras sold through ADI support video analytics and AI functionality, giving security personnel the power to monitor foot traffic, track vehicle license plates, and alert users of suspicious activity as it occurs.

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Every school has private areas where surveillance cameras and video recording devices are not an option. Here, cutting-edge sensors can add the requisite layer of security. ADI offers sensors that can detect gunshots and cries for help, as well as environmental sensors that can pick up behaviors like vaping and smoking in restrooms. ADI sensors can also be installed to detect chemical spills and hazardous gas leaks in places like laboratories and maintenance closets.

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Theater, Auditorium and Stadium AV

From school plays to guest speakers to the first game of the season, most schools need AV solutions that can be used to address a crowd. ADI sells essentials such as commercial displays, mixers, amplifiers, stadium speakers, and microphones with varying capabilities and price points, giving you the ability to accommodate a wide range of campus events and activities and ensure that the audience is satisfied with their audiovisual experience.

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ADI offers a comprehensive selection of hubs, switches, routers, wireless access points, PoE injectors, repeaters, and other products to keep IT systems and mobile devices communicating on campus. Whether it’s for a professor sharing a YouTube clip from her laptop during a lecture, a security guard who just spotted a crime-in-progress in the parking garage, or high school students posting selfies from this year’s homecoming dance, ADI networking products can be trusted to get the job done.

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Structured Wiring

Every school regardless of size, purpose, or student population served, will need wiring infrastructure. ADI’s structured wiring product line includes modular connectors, inserts, patch panels, and cables, enclosures, workstations, outlets, and more. When you shop at ADI, you’ve got everything you need to get – and keep – campus systems like classrooms, administrative offices, cafeterias, auditoriums, and dormitories up and running.

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Systems Design

Setting up a large school, multi-building campus or multi-campus college system can be a complex endeavor. ADI’s Systems Design team is here to help installers and dealers find the right products at the best possible price while sharing expert recommendations and best-practice knowledge to make sure the project goes smoothly from start to finish.

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Central Vacuum

Maintaining proper cleanliness and sanitation at schools is a big challenge, and ADI’s selection of central vacuum solutions can be a valuable tool. Central vacuum systems are portable, easy to use, and regularly outperform standard vacuums in the removal of dust, dirt, and allergens from indoor spaces. ADI offers power units, fittings, pipes, cleaning sets, valves and accessories, everything you need to get custodial teams up and running.

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Project Registration

Project registration can give installers an immense advantage on large-scale jobs, such as updating a school’s IT infrastructure or outfitting a new student center. When you register your project with ADI, you give our representatives the opportunity to leverage their vendor relationships on your behalf, getting you better pricing on all the essentials. It only takes a few minutes to get started.

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Cybersecurity Tools

While many established school districts and colleges will have their own cybersecurity solutions in place, smaller and newer institutions such as private schools and daycare facilities may be looking for a way to secure their IT networks. Defendify can give institutions like these the threat protection they need while creating an opening for you to earn recurring revenue. Explore ADI’s Defendify Reseller Partner Program to learn more.

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ADI’s D-Tools business software suite was designed to streamline and simplify the entire workflow of your next project. Whether you need to generate a quote, create an eye-catching proposal for a job you’re bidding on, come up with an engineering drawing during the preliminary stage of an install, manage your service calls better or double down on your success with the help of data analytics, D-Tools is here to help you.

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Cable Assemblies

ADI offers pre-terminated cable assemblies for a range of applications, including fiber optic, audio/video, category copper, and telephone. This gives installers the option to, say, add a fiber-optic backbone to a university-affiliated research institute rather than declining the job if they do not have the means to complete it. Getting started is simple, just fill out a form on the ADI website and a representative will contact you.

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Tools and Hardware

Don’t show up onsite shorthanded. ADI’s selection of tools and hardware gives builders, electricians, AV installers, security specialists, and other pros the crimpers, screwdrivers, conduits mounts, testers, raceways, wiring accessories, and related solutions they need to get the install, remodel or repair done right. Regardless of your trade or specialty in the low-voltage industry, ADI is with you every step of the way.

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