When you’re competing for security projects, differentiate yourself with a better value proposition. Adding network audio and analytics to network video elevates your proposals to a new level. You transform a passive, reactive video solution into a proactive, real-time deterrent. And this can amplify safety, security, and operations for your customers. At the same time, it’s a great way to increase your profitability per project.

Integrating Axis network audio into your security solutions is easy. Since it operates on the network via PoE, you can seamlessly integrate it with your customers’ video cameras, access control systems, and other network systems. Being a network-based solution, it’s also significantly more scalable and flexible than legacy analog audio systems. You can add speakers simply by running a CAT-5 cable to the speaker from the PoE switch. Axis network audio is also intuitive to program. Users can easily change messages stored in the speaker, select which zones of speakers to broadcast a message, schedule broadcasts by time zone, even monitor the health of the system remotely. You can add Axis and third-party analytics, too. Some of the most common include loitering detection, perimeter defense, weather warning, gunshot detection, and mass communication.

There are many potential applications for network audio. Here are a few scenarios from the Axis playbook that might spark ideas of where network audio might fit into your own customer portfolio.


  • Deter bullying. Integrate third-party audio analytics with network video cameras and network speakers. The audio analytics detects sounds of aggression. This triggers a PTZ camera to swivel to a specific location, record the interaction, and send a video clip to security. At the same time, the analytic triggers an audio clip to play from the closest speaker telling the parties to calm down, security has been notified.
  • Deter vaping. Integrate third-party vaping sensors and Axis speakers in the bathrooms with Axis video cameras in the hallways. The vaping sensor detects smoke and triggers the speaker to play an audio clip advising the student to stop. The sensor also triggers the video camera outside the bathroom to record who exited the bathroom when the audio message was played and advises responsible parties of the event.
  • Deter vandalism. Integrate Axis horn speakers outside the school with Axis cameras embedded with perimeter protection analytics. During non-school hours, the analytics detects anyone approaching the building and triggers a warning from a horn speaker that police are being alerted. The message causes the potential vandal to flee.

Retail stores

  • Control occupancy. To comply with COVID-19 mandates regarding building occupancy, embed people counting and occupancy analytics into Axis cameras at retail entrances. When the analytics senses the store has reached mandated capacity it triggers a message from the Axis horn speaker telling customers to wait outside.
  • Promote in-store marketing. Integrate an Axis intelligent all-in-one network audio system and speakers with Axis cameras to target in-store messaging. When a camera detects a customer entering the store, it triggers a reminder message to wear masks and practice social distancing. Program the network audio system to broadcast messages in specific zones about in-store specials, open cashier stations, and more. You can also program the audio system to play music to create a unique store ambience. 
  • Deter theft. Integrate a store’s communications system with Axis network audio and Axis cameras embedded with loitering detection analytics. When the camera detects a customer lingering in an aisle for an extended time, it triggers a message from the nearest speaker that someone will be there shortly to help. The camera also sends an alert to staff via an audio page or a message to a two-way radio, walkie-talkie, mobile phone, or VoIP telephone system. The result is two-fold. If it’s a potential shoplifter, it acts as a deterrent. If it’s a potential buyer, sending assistance to the location helps close the sale.


  • Curb workplace violence. Integrate network cameras with intelligent sound analytics to detect gunshots and verbal aggression. In volatile areas like emergency rooms, lobbies and psych wards, the analytics detects warning signs of verbal aggression and automatically triggers an alert to staff and security to come defuse the situation. In the case of weapon fire, the analytics can also send an alert to local police.
  • Increase premise safety. Integrate network cameras and a network speaker system with door lock sensors. When someone uses an emergency egress or props open the door, the camera records the event and triggers a warning message from the nearest speaker. You can augment Axis cameras with crossline detection analytics to automatically broadcast a message to a driver when their vehicle is blocking a critical restricted area like an ambulance bay or fire line.
  • Improve patient care. Integrate network cameras, acoustic analytics, and network speakers with microphones to remotely observe and speak directly to patients in their rooms. If patient distress is detected, floor clinicians can be quickly paged to respond. This approach reduces the frequency of in-person interactions without compromising patient health and helps to mitigate the spread of infections.

Delivering a better value proposition

By adding network audio and analytics to a video surveillance project, you’re giving your customers tools that can significantly increase the security, safety, and operational efficiency of their organizations. They’ll be able to see it with network video, say and hear it with network audio, and analyze events in real time using analytics. They’re able to broadcast live and recorded messages and ultimately become more proactive in mitigating threats and preventing unwanted activities.

The technology is easy to install, economical to maintain, and pays for itself over time. Furthermore, network audio is highly scalable and simple to configure to your customers’ needs. Overall, it’s a better value proposition, one that separates you from the competition, opens new revenue opportunities for your business while providing a safer, more secure environment for your client.  

Learn more about the Power of IP Audio by watching this recent webinar hosted by ADI and Axis Communications