With a wide range of tech available in access control, what’s the best option for your next install? Two of the most commonly compared and widely used are proximity and smart technologies. Let’s look at the benefits and features of each.


  • Operates at 125 kHz
  • Controller for a card can be programmed to improve security
  • Cards can’t be reprogrammed
  • Effective within a range of about 2.5 inches up to several feet
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective


  • Much faster data transfer at 13.56 MHz
  • Greater security through authentication and encryption
  • More storage space on cards
  • Rewritable and editable cards
  • Can be used for multiple applications at once, including door access and financial information
  • The typical read range of up to 4 inches

While both communicate credential information through radio waves using RFID, each has unique attributes, and which you choose will depend on your clients’ needs and budget.

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