As technologies evolve, so do the companies, people, and communities where they are implemented. These technologies enable communities to better protect and serve its citizens. Body worn cameras are an example of a solution being used to contribute to creating a smarter, safer world and Axis Communications now has a full body worn solution in its portfolio.

Although body worn cameras have many uses across nearly any industry, three primary use cases stand out the most:

Capture Evidence

Body worn cameras capture footage of what a user is seeing and how that user experienced a situation. That evidence is incredibly valuable for reporting and for verifying what happened during an interaction. Body worn cameras could be used by law enforcement or private security to capture a video recording of interactions with the public. They could be used to verify how long contractors worked at a job site and what they worked on during that time period. They could even be used by courier services to verify package delivery and condition when delivered.

Body worn cameras also add a level of accountability by capturing what was said and done by the involved parties. Disagreements about how a situation was handled can be more quickly resolved if a body worn camera is on scene.

Acts as a Deterrent

Similar to when stores display signs letting visitors know the building is monitored, body worn cameras can act as an even stronger deterrent. Restating the value of capturing first-hand evidence, people generally think twice about how they act when they know a camera is on or pointed at them, which can deter unwanted behavior. This can directly improve civility.

Provide Training Opportunities

Recorded footage of how an interaction was handled can be a valuable tool to increase transparency and improve reporting capabilities. Did someone veer from a defined protocol or procedure? Did someone handle an interaction perfectly or encounter a unique situation? Body worn cam footage can be pulled and used for evaluation & training purposes by walking through video with users. Video examples can also be leveraged as part of a larger training program to help new employees understand what they may see, whether they are a public safety officer, bus driver, courier, healthcare worker, etc.

Benefits of an open platform

Body worn solutions are unique in that they can be used in any industry and adapt well to varying surveillance strategies, some of which we described above. A common challenge with these products, however, is integrating the system with existing infrastructure. Body worn solutions are typically closed off, meaning they only integrate with specific products and you may find there is only one content destination that will connect properly. This can cause users headaches as end users need to spend additional resources to not only implement an entirely new system, but also spend the time training staff properly.

A system built on open standards means your customers can choose a preferred content destination platform to integrate with and have a broader choice of how to store that data. In the world of body worn solutions, this translates to choosing your preferred record management system (RSM), evidence management system (EMS) and video management software (VMS). This is the kind of freedom Axis Communications delivers with its newly launched body worn solution, as well as additional benefits, which include:

Seamless Integration

Although previously stated, if your customers are already using a designated content destination, they may be able to integrate an Axis Body Worn solution with it. Axis integrates with many video management systems, including AXIS Camera Station, Genetec and Milestone, and more integrations will become available over time. Adding a body worn solution can enhance the overall value and effectiveness of a security strategy.

Less Training and More Empowered Customers

Cost savings are always an important consideration when it comes to integrating a new system. Since the Axis body worn solution is built with open standards, it’s designed to be a natural fit to most existing systems. This leads to a significant reduction in the amount of time that otherwise would be needed to train staff on a new system.

Customers love having options. You can continue being their trusted partner and can work with them to recommend available options. In turn this can alleviate any stress they might feel about thinking they only have one available option. Now there is freedom to perfectly customize a solution to their unique needs.

End-to-End Cybersecurity

Having a secure system is at the forefront of any surveillance solution. Axis body worn systems have been designed to provide end-to-end encryption, meeting FBI standards and include several cybersecurity features including signed firmware with an encrypted SD card to AES256 encryption and HTTPS standards. This means data is protected from the initial recording until it reaches the final content destination.

Put Your Best Foot Forward with the Axis Body Worn Solution

Like the rest of its comprehensive portfolio, Axis enters the body worn market with a complete solution built on open standards, enabling you to take advantage of all the great benefits highlighted above and more. AXIS Camera Station can be used as a video management software with straightforward, one-time licensing fees. Axis’ ability to act as a one stop shop for a complete security system helps to streamline any related processes as well. The open system gives your customers the freedom and flexibility to integrate it with other systems as well.

Axis body worn cameras are designed to capture what users are experiencing. If it is too dark for the user to see, the body worn camera will capture a similar experience.

Axis body worn cameras are also designed with longer battery-life. Depending on the image resolution, it could last up to 17 hours on one charge. The camera system also comes with a USB-C charging connector for easy charging in the field.

In addition, Axis makes it easy to scale the size of the system with ease. Each System Controller can support 5 docking stations. If using all AXIS W701 Docking Stations (8-bay), then each System Controller can support 40 body worn cameras. Up to 25 controllers can also be synced, meaning an Axis body worn camera solution can be easily deployed for systems needing anywhere from one to 1,000 body worn cameras. This type of flexibility is something customers can easily get behind.

Working with trustworthy partners focused on developing a solution based on open standards (and therefore can easily meet the needs of any user) is strategic for ensuring short and long-term success. Connect with your local ADI representative to learn more about the Axis Body Worn Solution.

For more, check out this recent webinar hosted by ADI and Axis Communications:

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