A new year routinely sparks resolutions in our personal lives, why wouldn’t you do the same for your business? Here are a few that are easy to implement:

Earn an extra steady income flow with recurring revenue: Cloud services enable you to offer upsell opportunities with additional services and integration options such as hosted and managed access control systems.

Take control of your privacy: Secure stream encryption prevents unauthorized users from intercepting communication streams and data traveling between IP cameras and NVRs so that you can protect your business from potential threats.

Optimize your business with data: People-counting IP cameras are a cost-effective way to provide additional business insights such as analyzing customer traffic patterns to enhance the effectiveness of promotional activities, and staffing schedules, and more.

Go green: Energy can be one of the highest operating costs for a business; especially to manage, cool, and store servers. High-density servers reduce your hardware and cooling costs by decreasing the number of recorders required. Upgrading from analog to IP cameras can cut down on equipment, power cabling, storage needs, and power consumption ultimately saving energy.

Conveniently give yourself more free time: Remotely manage your business anywhere, at any time. Cloud-enabled services and products allow you to manage multiple sites from a web browser or mobile app by providing real-time notifications and the ability to respond on the go.

Make the switch from reactive to proactive security: Recorder integration to central monitoring stations (CMS) enables live 24/7 monitoring so that CMS personnel can immediately assess and respond to incidents BEFORE they escalate, reducing false alarms without the added cost of human guards.

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be involve gyms or special diets. They can help you increase your business’ success in the new year ahead. From our team to yours, Happy New Year!