Installation of a smoke detector

Installing fire prevention systems can be steady work. Since the industry is driven by Fire Code, every building holds the potential for a sale if you work in the Fire/Life Safety field. However, it seems as though the Fire Category has not seen as many advancements that others in the Security Industry have, but the horizon does look to be promising, and profitable. That being said, here are some exciting trends to keep an eye on if you are in the Fire Alarm business.

Aspiration Detection

Aspiration detection is an ideal solution for areas that require enhanced safety where the highest level of accuracy is vital. Aspiration sensors are capable of detecting microscopic particles of smoke within the air for early and accurate detection. There are two types of aspiration detection technology on the market. Point-based aspiration detection units consist of an enclosed detector with a fan that draws in air samples. There are also laser-based solutions that detect smoke by drawing air into a laser chamber. It’s the fastest growing detector type because these systems are designed specifically to detect smoke and fire activity in open spaces and large areas where smoke dilution and stratification can occur as the smoke is either stretched across a large open area or loses buoyancy due to high ceilings. The challenge has been educating the user which will be the key to growing this market, but once the word spreads, you can expect to see a much higher demand for aspiration detection in the future.

Multi-Sensor Detection

There is a large shift happening in the industry towards multiple criteria technology. Many products continue to hit the market that has the ability to detect not just smoke, but heat, carbon monoxide and infrared light from flames as well. These sensors, not only save time and money by eliminating the time involved with installing multiple sensors, but they also reduce the possibility of nuisance alarms because more than one criteria must be present to trigger an alarm.

Wireless Systems Make a Connection

As wireless technology continues to spread across the Security Industry, don’t expect Fire Alarms to remain on the sidelines. Today’s wireless smoke detectors come in more streamlined designs that can be more eye pleasing, especially in rooms with low ceilings that see a lot of traffic. However, what is more, significant about this trend is the absence of the need for wire installations in difficult spaces such as historical buildings or finished rooms. As fully wireless fire alarm systems become more feasible and more affordable options, expect to see a surge in demand for these systems.

Voice Alert Systems

The popularity of systems that announce danger with a prerecorded message continues to grow and shows no sign of slowing down in the future. Voice annunciation allows for the dissemination of specific life safety instructions. This makes these systems effective for not just fire events but for other emergencies as well such as dangerous weather, chemical spills or a violent intruder. In addition to the wide range of advantages that come with the ability to basically speak through the fire alarm, studies have shown that people have an increased reaction to voice instructions as opposed to simple sirens and strobes.

At ADI, we take pride in providing our customers with the largest selection of the newest technology from leading vendors in the industry. If you have any questions or need any assistance in building a complete Fire Detection or Life Safety System for your next project, ADI’s Systems Sales and Support Team is here to help. You can contact the ADI Systems Sales and Support group at 1.800.ADI.SYS1.

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