HDMI Cable close up shot

The demand for products that deliver ultra-high-definition video signaling such as 4K and 8K resolutions is growing daily with little sign of slowing down.  As with virtually any wired or cabled low-voltage devices, the quality of the cables and their pre-installed connectors is critical when selecting HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cables. In response to the burgeoning HDMI Cable market, the HDMI Standards Forum has begun efforts to establish a “Certified Premium” HDMI cable rating program. This program is meant to verify an HDMI cable’s ability to provide the required bandwidth for new video systems.


Manufacturers submit their cables to the HDMI Authorized Testing Centers, (ATCs) of which there is a number around the world. At these testing centers, the cables are tested for compliance with HDMI standards, particularly whether the cable can transmit 18 Gbps of data.  Testing is also meant to verify that the cable doesn’t produce excessive electromagnetic interference, (EMI) emissions that might interfere with other wireless devices such as remote controls and Wi-Fi content boxes. In all the cables are being tested to see if they can readily connect 4K and 8K video feeds, as well as providing some “headroom” for future types of high-resolution video content.

In order to ensure that you are purchasing specific cable brands and part numbers that have passed “Certified Premium” testing look for the tamper-proof label affixed to the packaging.  This label will include a QR code that can be scanned with a smart device and checked using an HDMI mobile verification app. This label will also include a holographic fingerprint to provide a secondary level of authentication and prevent the reproduction of the QR codes. There is only one version of the “Certified Premium” label, and the labels are only issued to those companies who have submitted their cables for testing and found to meet or exceed the HDMI testing standards.

As your customers continue to demand the newest HDMI devices and video display technology, it will become increasingly important to provide them with the latest and best HDMI cables as well.  Rest assured, you can find “Certified Premium” HDMI cables from industry leading manufacturers such as Vanco, Legrand, Tripp Lite, and more on the ADI Website, and on our new Mobile APP and in ADI Branch Locations across North America.