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As the development of video compression technology continues to advance, High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is quickly rising to the forefront of the field. This technology, also called H.265 is being widely embraced by video content providers and carriers, including the manufacturers of IP surveillance cameras and equipment who were previously using the H.264 compression codec.

Independent tests have found that H.265 provides a reduction in transmission bandwidth of nearly 50% when compared to the bandwidth needed to compress the same video using H.264. This bandwidth reduction also has a direct effect on the digital storage requirements for surveillance video streams. Reduced bandwidth means smaller files which means less hard drive storage is required to house surveillance video data. The reduced bandwidth also makes larger images much more manageable which will help the deployment of 4K and beyond HD video surveillance cameras in the future.

According to industry experts, there is a downside of using H.265 compression. H.265 takes longer to encode video streams when compared to H.264.  It is also likely that IP Cameras will need higher processing capabilities to create H.265 video streams efficiently. The longer encoding time will likely result in a slower transmission of images from a camera to a viewing PC or smart device. However, this additional lag time is likely to be so minimal that it will prove to be irrelevant unless the system is used for “real time” viewing of live video streams by security personnel. The extra second or two might make a difference in a high-security environment. Additionally, the need for increased processing capability in IP cameras and encoders will likely become less of an issue over time as the production of H.265 capable chipsets and circuit board hardware continues to advance.

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