When you’re 30 feet off the ground in a lift basket in a dimly lit warehouse, isolating a cable in a bundle of red fire cables can be challenging, to say the least.  While you toil away trying to isolate the right cable, your boss is beginning to wonder why it’s taking so long to get your SLCs and NACs wired. Fortunately, there is a solution to this dilemma in the form of Honeywell’s striped fire alarm cable.

Just pick a stripe color for each type of circuit, and no matter how far away you are from the panel, you will know exactly which cable to splice your devices into. The cable you need is there right in front of you, standing out in the crowd. The stripes are also set into the entire length of the cables’ jackets, so you’ll have continuous identification that won’t rub off like printed stripes.

Not only will Honeywell’s striped fire alarm cable make your job easier, but it is also built to handle the demands of today while adapting to the requirements of tomorrow. UL listed and primed for use in UL Certified Fire Alarm Systems, this cable provides optimal connectivity with all Honeywell fire devices, and it’s backed by the industry’s only 3-for-1 guarantee.

So, next time, find the right cable before your boss finds you and let Honeywell’s striped fire alarm cable keep everyone feeling happy, efficient, and productive.

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