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With the continued rising popularity of IP-based security camera systems showing no signs of slowing down, the capability to remotely monitor and control these systems from a mobile device has become a major draw for customers. The ability to check on their property with a glance at a smartphone or tablet is playing an increasingly central role in home and business owners’ decisions to upgrade to a connected digital surveillance system. With this information in hand, a savvy dealer could have a lot of success leveraging this technology to up-sell a new installation or sell a newer upgraded security camera system to an existing customer.

The most obvious selling points of the ability to tap into your security camera system from anywhere in the world are convenience, flexibility and time saved. When you can check the surveillance cameras on your system remotely, there is no need to rush out in the middle of the night or rush home when the alarm company calls. If cameras have been properly placed, your customers will be able to see every corner of their property right from their mobile devices. Mobile technology for surveillance systems has also become more readily available on affordable systems. The cost of IP surveillance systems has dropped as the technology behind them has become increasingly commoditized. There are a multitude of mobile features now available on affordable systems including remote zoom and direction controls.  Additionally, there is something to be said for the ability to safely see what is going on inside without having to venture into a building that might be occupied by criminals attempting to commit a crime.

Now that you have sold your customers the convenience and flexibility of a mobile connected security system, you may need to help them wrap their mind around the price point. IP surveillance systems have become more affordable, but there is also an alternative to replacing an entire surveillance camera system. Most individual IP surveillance cameras have the capability to be monitored, controlled, and manipulated remotely via a smartphone app. However, in many cases, the network video recorder (NVR), to which multiple cameras direct their feeds can act as the primary point of access to the outside world. This provides a solution for a customer who is looking to reap the benefits of a digital IP surveillance system at a cost that is a little easier to swallow.  Recommend that your customer opt for a hybrid system which combines existing analogue cameras and coaxial cabling with a NVR or control unit. You can then assign an IP address and connection for remote monitoring and control from mobile devices to the NVR or control unit. With less hardware and wiring required, this hybrid system will allow you to cut your customer’s costs significantly.

While the hybrid solution is a good one to help your customers make use of the latest technology, it is recommended that you suggest they make the investment to upgrade their cabling and digital recorder at some point, to set themselves up for the future. As the technology continues to move forward, older equipment may struggle to keep up.

In the mobile generation we are living in now, your customers lead busy lives. They rush in and out of the office, run errands, go on vacation and do dozens of other things that keep them from being in the places where security cameras are installed.  This is why the investment in a remote video surveillance system is crucial to the well-being and safety of their homes or businesses.

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