DIY Alarm System

As you are likely aware, there are a number of companies such as Simplisafe, Iris, Canary, and Oplink to name a few, who advertise “Do It Yourself” (DIY) alarm systems, primarily aimed at residential and small commercial customers. This influx of DIY alarm systems into the market raises an inevitable question; as security professionals, how do we respond to prospective customers who feel they can save money by going with one of these DIY Solutions? A great approach is to offer the client a real-world example that anyone can relate to; “Would you trust yourself to replace the disc brakes on your own car?” Automobile brakes protect loved ones and precious possessions on the road just as an effective alarm system protects them in the home. Unless you are standing in an auto repair business, chances are the prospect will say “No, I take my car in for service.” Thus the simple reply should be, “If you only trust a professional to keep your family safe in the car, why wouldn’t you do the same for them at home?” It’s imperative to remind your customers of the value and benefits of a professionally installed, monitored security system.

After all, a security system, whether in your home or business, is meant to offer peace of mind. What value is peace of mind without the certainty that the security system was installed properly and is functioning as such? When it comes to cost savings, a DIY alarm system may not be as inexpensive as it first seems. The facts are that DIY systems will generate more than their share of false alarms, primarily due to inexperienced users improperly installing motion detectors and other input devices. As a result, the client’s DIY system will, inevitably, generate a number of false alarms, resulting in false alarm fees from their municipality. This unforeseen, added expense, coupled with a frustrating, ineffective system will often result in customers discontinuing the use of a DIY system, and ultimately turning to a professionally installed one. As representatives of the professional electronic security industry, we need to stress our track record, experience, knowledge, and commitment to quality installations as well as the monitoring and customer service we provide. Taking the “professional” attitude and approach will help win-over prospective clients who are leaning towards a DIY alarm system. This tact will underline the fact that a professionally installed system will provide a much more reliable protection element for their home or business which is the right path towards making the sale.

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