The current methods and devices used for the installation of intrusion detection systems in homes has evolved over time to help reduce false alarms while providing a reasonable level of security for homeowners.

Because most residential burglars enter houses through the doors, these openings typically are monitored with the installation of door contacts, whether hard wired or wireless. To provide intrusion detection in the event that the burglar(s) have entered the house through a window, motion detectors are strategically placed to provide coverage in specific areas of the client’s home. This combination of door detection and specific motion detector placement provides a high level of security while reducing installation time and costs.

Studies of residential burglaries have indicated that a prime target for burglars is the master bedroom, as that is the place where jewelry, money, prescriptions, and other small and valuable items are kept.  Remember that in most cases the burglar must leave the premise with the stolen goods in their hands, pockets, or in a tied-up bed sheet. It would be difficult for a burglar to leave a home with a 72” TV or seven-foot couch.

When planning a residential alarm installation the placement of the motion detectors is critical in providing the best possibility of the detection of intruders. When surveying the client’s home the key is to look for the motion hot spots which are the places in the home where a burglar will typically have to walk through to get to the bedroom areas. Typical hot spots include the landings of stairwells, hallways that lead to the bedrooms, and other traffic areas.

Any intruder entering a lower level will move up these stairs to reach the master bedroom

These residential hot spots are also the prime places to cover with surveillance cameras from vendors such as Honeywell Total Connect.

Honeywell Total Connect IP camera viewing down the steps and looking at the front door

By providing motion detection that covers one or more of these hot spots in a client’s home, security installation companies can be confident that they are providing a reasonable amount of security for the client while keeping the cost of the system at a reasonable level.

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