In late December last year, New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo signed two life safety bills into law. These NEMA-supported bills require restaurants to install carbon monoxide detectors. Because New York City maintains its own codes, separate from New York State, the legislature passed two separate bills. One modifies the city’s code and one modifies the rest of the state’s code. These bills came into existence because of several serious CO incidents in restaurants in New York in 2014. Both the city and state laws will take effect May 27, 2015. New installation standards and final compliance dates will be determined at this time as well (

System Sensor offers complete CO detection with its CO1224T and CO1224TR carbon monoxide detectors. They feature RealTest®, which enables functional testing using canned CO and are fully compliant with UL 2075. They feature a code-required trouble relay, a six-year end of life timer and a low current draw.


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