Homeowners and business owners are looking to get more from their electronic security systems. The LYNX Touch 7000 combines innovative alarm features with full IP video capabilities and building control features.

The security features of this self-contained control panel are truly impressive. Along with the typical alarm annunciation and central station reporting, the LYNX 7000 can be configured to provide two-way voice communications, full control using an Apple iOS or Android smart device, and has an innovative “Night Stay” arming mode where specific pre-selected interior sensors are armed, allowing users to freely travel in the upstairs areas while the downstairs is being covered by motion detectors. Up to 80 wireless zones/devices can be utilized, and as many as 48 users can be registered onto the system.

The large 7” display screen can provide views of outdoor and indoor Honeywell Total Connect video cameras, which can be connected to the customer’s network via wired or Wi-Fi Ethernet. The same cameras can be programmed to send motion clip recordings to Alarmnet where they are viewable from a client’s smart phone or device. The LYNX display can also provide emergency weather alerts and other news information to inform end users of important conditions.

Along with the security and video features, the LYNX Touch 7000 provides a variety of programmable smart home options, such as Z-Wave® communications for door locks, lights and thermostats.  Another unique feature of the Lynx control panel series is the ability to turn lights on and off randomly within specific time frames and days to create an occupied appearance when clients are away from their business or home.

Security industry salespeople can use the free smart device apps available from Honeywell to demonstrate the many features of the LYNX Touch 7000 without the need for a demo kit or physical keypad.

All of these features provide dealers with the ability to provide improved and increased services for clients, increasing closing rates and monthly revenues.

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