Many clients will make their purchasing decision based on the quality of the sales presentation they receive from a security company. In today’s technical world, a salesperson who justs throws a number at a prospective customer is not taking advantage of some simple and inexpensive tools that can greatly enhance their in-person presentation while increasing the perceived professionalism of the company they represent.

One of the basic truths of surveillance video, whether analog or IP, is that the image quality will be in direct relation to the lighting (or lack thereof) of the area to be viewed. The better the lighting, the better the picture.

There is a simple to use and inexpensive lighting measurement meter available from Ideal, the Ideal Light Meter IL-61686. This meter set can be used to measure the lux, which is a standardized quantity of light illuminance. The specification sheets for various cameras will state the minimum lux value at which the camera can display an image.

Ideal Light Meter IL-61686

This tester provides the ability to zero the meter quickly by simply capping the light sensor and activating the zero function. Light tests can be stored for later review, and maximum lux values can be saved when testing a larger area.

How is this meter going to help your company sell video systems?

Let’s look at the specifications for an Axis Communications outdoor camera, the P-13 series.

This is a high-quality camera that can function at very low light levels. However, it does indeed need some light to produce an image. By testing the lux values with the Ideal Light Meter security dealers can be assured that there is enough light for the camera to function, while demonstrating to the client the care and precision that the security company uses when installing video surveillance systems.

Using a light tester like the Ideal IL-61686 during your walk-through of a prospective client’s facility will show the customer that you know what you are doing, and can confidently provide quality images and video from the cameras to be installed.

ADI offers a full line of test equipment to help with installations. Click here to learn more.