The Total Connect IP cameras from Honeywell Security provide the easiest installation and programming of any family of IP cameras on the market today. Security technicians do not have to program any of the customer’s routers, ISP adapters or network equipment. Once the camera(s) is connected to the network, a technician contacts their central station, the Total Connect camera communicates to the AlarmNet website and within ½ hour or less the camera will be available for end-user viewing over the Internet using any smart device. Apps are available for all common iPhone and Android platforms and the cameras and the recorded video clips can also be accessed using any PC/laptop/netbook that is on the Internet.

Because each Total Connect camera is both wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi capable, technicians can select the easiest way to achieve connectivity for a particular installation. One of the innovative installation methods available is to use the WAP-PLUS, a Honeywell Wi-Fi access point that is preconfigured to provide encrypted connections with the Wi-Fi functions of the Total Connect Camera family.

By using the WAP-PLUS, security dealers can pre-program and connect one or up to six Total Connect cameras at their office prior to the installation at the customer’s location. And it couldn’t be easier. Just power and connect the WAP-PLUS to an Internet-connected LAN, power up the Total Connect cameras to be installed, and use a paper clip or other pointed device to activate the programming functions of the WAP-PLUS and each camera. After establishing the account with the Total Connect-enabled central station, the cameras will be set up for communication through the WAP-PLUS and onto the AlarmNet website. Once the account is established and the cameras tested, they can be down powered, taken to the client’s location along with the WAP-PLUS, and the cameras can be quickly commissioned. The only programming required after the cameras are mounted is for the technician to set up the motion detection functions including the coverage windows and sensitivity.

Honeywell WAP-PLUS

The network world is increasingly turning to Wi-Fi connectivity, and the WAP-PLUS at less than $50USD can save security dealers many hours of pulling wires for Ethernet connectivity to IP cameras.

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