Every cable installer has experienced the pain of tangled cable on the jobsite, and that’s why Honeywell Cable has recently introduced REACT™ packaging, which was designed with the contractor’s needs in mind to help save time and money on the job by reducing tangled cable.

REACT packaging is intended to help eliminate tangles and other on-the-job hassles for installers. The key to the product’s success is a patent-pending brake design that engages automatically when you need it and spins free when you don’t with no adjustments, dials or settings necessary. The packaging is adaptable to any installation situation, offering both a front and top payout option.

REACT provides four major advantages for installers and their teams. First, by significantly reducing the need to deal with tangled cable, contractors will have a more productive crew and less wasted labor and cable. Second, REACT’s durable design is meant to stand up to pressure when transporting and stacking. With reinforced side walls to prevent the product from collapsing and stronger handles that resist ripping for heavier weight cable, installers avoid the hassle of a crushed box. Third, REACT packaging breaks down easily for on-the-job disposal. The REACT box is 100% recyclable, and breaks down flat with a few folds to easily fit into cardboard recycling containers, eliminating the need to sort by material type when disposing. Fourth, REACT is ideal for the jobsite, providing installers with a cable package that is lightweight, compact and comfortable to carry all day long.

The full line of Honeywell Cable with the REACT packaging is now available at ADI. Click here to shop now. For more information about REACT, contact your local ADI branch or visit www.honeywellcable.com/REACT or call 1-800-222-0060 to reach your Honeywell Cable representative.