The Ethernet Alliance, which consists of many of the manufacturers of networking equipment, industry experts and government officials, is promoting a proposed industry certification program for PoE (Power over Ethernet) devices as reported this past summer.

Compliance with accepted standards is critical for IP network devices. One of the basic tenets of IP networking is complete interoperability between devices from various vendors. In short, a device from vendor A should fully function when connected to another device from vendor B.

In a fashion similar to what occurred during the development of Wi-Fi products, an independent testing, certification and “approved” logo program will provide many benefits to the users of PoE products. In the past, some vendors have claimed compliance with the accepted standards but in some cases their products were not interoperable with those from other companies. This problem was often found with early series of Wi-Fi devices. By submitting their products to the Ethernet Alliance for testing and certification of PoE functions, installation companies can purchase “approved logo” products and be confident that the PoE functions of the device with work with products from different manufacturers.

The standardization and logo certification of PoE devices will potentially increase the uses of PoE, while decreasing the costs of installation of devices as the Ethernet communications and power to operate devices can be delivered on a single UTP cable. “There really are no boundaries to PoE’s application horizon; truly, anyone using a wired Ethernet device can gain from the adoption of this innovative technology. Smart buildings and building infrastructures, hospitality, call centers, medical, medical and healthcare, and the Internet of Things are just a few of the markets where PoE can be a disruptive, positive force,” said Howard Frazier, technical committee chairman, board of directors member, Ethernet Alliance; and senior technical director, Broadcom Corporation.

As the electronic security industry continues to ramp up the installation of IP enabled devices, this proposed PoE logo certification program would help ensure that products carrying the Ethernet Alliance PoE logo have been tested and meet industry standards for power consumption and performance.

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