As more technologies are moving to the cloud, ADI dealers can take advantage of new RMR (recurring monthly revenue) opportunities. Businesses are embracing cloud-based solutions because they offer powerful benefits and can be less expensive than hardware products. In addition, many telephony solutions have been moving to VoIP (voice over IP), and hosted PBX solutions are a big part of this transition.

Telephones play a major role in most businesses, even in a world where email inboxes and social media posts are overflowing. Nothing replaces a voice conversation between two people! Offering telephony solutions to small and medium sized businesses provides dealers with additional RMR, and technological advances are also creating compelling upsell opportunities.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) business phone systems provide a great option for users in a company to share a number of outside lines rather than connecting an external telephone line to every telephone within the organization. PBX phone systems offer numerous automated features and are particularly suited for organizations that don’t want to employ a full time, live receptionist to manage incoming calls and route them appropriately. PBX business phone systems can help even the smallest businesses look like larger, professional organizations.

The problem with hardware-based PBX systems is they can be expensive for a small or mid-sized business, with initial equipment costs and personnel to maintain the system. An alternative that is gaining popularity is hosted PBX systems. Hosted PBX systems use VoIP technology and are managed offsite by the service provider. Hosted PBX systems can be significantly less expensive than an on-premise system, and can be configured based on the size of the organization. Hosted PBX systems require minimal upfront equipment costs, do not require onsite management, and offer online administration and remote management. Hosted PBX systems empower businesses to have a sophisticated phone system without the complexity and expense of onsite telephone equipment.

And just as important to ADI dealers, because everything’s in the cloud (except the actual desk phones), you don’t have to be an expert to set up and maintain a hosted PBX! The service provider does it all for you. Now ADI dealers, even those who have never sold a business phone system, can offer hosted PBX service to their current customer base.

To help dealers capitalize on the transition taking place as IT and telephony move into the cloud, ADI recently added the Intermedia Hosted Phone System to its product line up. ADI dealers have the opportunity to earn monthly recurring revenue while providing an innovative voice solution to customers.

Intermedia Hosted Phone Systems are designed for small to medium-sized businesses, and dealers have the flexibility to sell this cloud-based business phone system on a per-user basis. The Intermedia Hosted Phone System leverages industry-leading Polycom phones, which are available in a variety of options, and the Hosted Phone System offers more than 40 professional features including auto attendant, music-on-hold, conferencing, free unlimited and local long distance (US), simple web management, 24×7 support and more.

ADI offers a full line of telephone and voice systems solutions online and at our branches across the country. Click here to check out the Intermedia solutions (powered by Polycom) at ADI.