The Value of Audio for Surveillance

Richard S. Brent

On April 10th In Video Surveillance
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Louroe Verifact® A microphone installed in a UPS store.

While video surveillance has long been viewed as the primary technology in a security system, the time has come to recognize audio monitoring as an equally critical component. In today’s security landscape where tragic events regularly make headlines, it is imperative that both video and audio reign as kings of the security world to further enhance safety. Why audio you may ask? The answer is compelling.

Imagine walking into your office wearing noise-canceling earphones. You take a detailed look around and everything appears to be okay so you sit down to work. However, in this hypothetical scenario, there is someone shouting for help outside your window. Had you been able to hear their cries for help then you may have called for immediate assistance. The reality is that using video without audio is like living in a silent movie.

Audio enhances security in many industries including commercial, education, retail, transportation and public safety. It can be used to monitor high traffic areas to help keep people safe, equip businesses with audio security to help them alleviate loss-prevention, offer employee training, conduct day-to-day business, ensure proper customer service, and provide alarm verification. Another compelling benefit is that microphones are compatible with a wide range of other security devices, including cameras, recorders, and software.

It is just a matter of time before more and more major corporations start tapping the power of audio for their security needs. We can no longer afford to turn a deaf ear towards audio when it comes to delivering a complete, all-around security solution.

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