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Wireless Controllers and Roaming: What You Need to Know

Brannon Young

On January 19th In IP Solutions,IP Tech Tips,Networking
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Designing a wireless network that cost-effectively delivers seamless roaming can be a real challenge. As a custom installer, it’s important to understand some of the intricacies of Wi-Fi in order to provide the best roaming experience to your customers without breaking the bank. As with any discussion about roaming, it’s important to first understand that […]

Wireless Access Control

Evan Tree

On February 4th In Access 2 Comments
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Niche applications where running a wire is simply too costly, labor intensive, or not possible have been the early driving force for wireless access control solutions. The vast majorities of these wireless solutions were developed to solve a particular problem and continue to be used as an add-on to existing wired access control platforms. This […]