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Using a Zonal Approach to Boost Cell Signal in Large Spaces

Todd Fariss

On May 4th In Audio/Video,Communications
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Some 95 percent of Americans own a cell phone, and no matter where they are — from their own home to a huge sports arena — they expect to be connected. Still, managers and tenants of the largest spaces are reluctant to invest in solutions to improve poor cell signal, largely based on cost. If […]

Indoor/Outdoor Rated Fiber Reduces Installation Costs

Michael Accetta

On January 18th In Wire and Cable
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  As IP Security applications and other technology continues to demand increased bandwidth to manage large amounts of data, we have seen a rise in the use of fiber optic cables in between buildings as well as within structures. While many fiber cables on the market are ruggedized for outdoor installations, whether overhead, direct burial […]

Selecting the Best Cable for Your Next Installation

Stu Tisdale

On May 24th In IP Solutions,IP Surveillance Video,IP Tech Tips,Wire and Cable
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  One of the great benefits of using IP-enabled security devices is their compatibility with various types of cables such as Cat5e/6 UTP, copper coax, and fiber optic links.  This provides security installers with a range of options when it comes to the cables that are used for specific devices weather they need to be […]

Packet Loss and “Fast” Broadband Internet Services

Kavita Boodram

On January 11th In IP Tech Tips,Networking
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We are currently in the midst of a technological boom the likes of which has yet to be seen in our lifetimes. With the unprecedented growth of IP-enabled devices, smart phones, Netflix, and internet-based services such as Uber, it seems like there is some kind of new IP-based service or product introduced to the market […]

Selection and Use of Fiber Optic IP Media Converters

Garrett Savage

On December 1st In IP Solutions,IP Surveillance Video,Video Surveillance
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  Fiber Optic media converters provide an inexpensive method to extend LAN IP connectivity using existing fiber optic links. With a pair of EtherWAN ET-EL100T media converters and functional fiber optic links, the extension of a LAN can be accomplished with components at a reasonable cost. The connection of the media converters to the fiber […]

The Future of Ethernet

David Motz

On November 3rd In IP Surveillance Video,Networking,Wire and Cable
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The Ethernet Alliance is a US-based nonprofit organization that works to set the standards for Ethernet communications over networks. This past March they released their 2015 Ethernet Roundup which detailed the future types of Ethernet that are being developed. Ethernet is the world’s most commonly used network technology. Ethernet standards have evolved over the past […]

Fiber Optic Basics – the Orange and the Yellow

Stu Tisdale

On August 28th In Installation & Cabling

There are two basic types of fiber optic strands in use today. Multimode fiber typically has a 62.5 or 50 micron core size, and is limited in distance to approximately two miles. Singlemode fiber has a core size of 9 microns and provides much longer distances out to sixty miles before the signal needs to be […]