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Tax Reform – Reflections on the Impact to Electronic Security and Life Safety Businesses

Chris Heaton

On January 26th In Access,ADI Corporate Messages,Fire,Intrusion,Life Safety,System Sales Tips & Marketing Concepts,Video Surveillance
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Chris Heaton is the Vice President of Advocacy & Public Affairs for the Electronic Security Association (ESA) On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” into law. While media pundits speculated from liberal and conservative perspectives the impact the most significant tax reform in over 30 years would have on […]

Be Your Customers’ IT Consultant

Michael Accetta

On July 15th In IP Solutions,IP Tech Tips,Networking
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It would be safe to say that, smaller companies having fifty or less employees don’t typically have on-site IT personnel to manage their network usage and devices. At the same time employees have broken out of their cubicles using mobile internet connected devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones in new work related applications.  […]

What You Need to Know About Counterfeit Cable and Connectors

Marco Cardazzi

On April 13th In Uncategorized,Wire and Cable
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Cable and connectivity is the unsung hero or our industry. There are very few products, if any, that do not need to be connected to something else via wire or cable.  That being said, the sale and use of low-grade counterfeit cabling is a growing issue that poses a problem too large to ignore. At […]

Restaurants Heat up the Digital Signage Market

Shawn Dixon

On April 7th In Audio/Video
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 Thanks to the hundreds of practical applications for digital signage, there can be no doubt that the market is set to catch fire in the near future. Rising public concern for transparency in the nutritional value and quality of the food we consume in restaurants and fast food locations seems to be throwing sparks on […]

Maximizing Wi-Fi Functionality

Michael Accetta

On June 30th In Networking
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To get the best performance from high-performance Wi-Fi Access Points (WAPs), installation companies should take careful consideration of the type of cable and connectors used for network connection, placement of the WAPs in the client’s building, and their potential usage. For cabling, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standards call for a minimum of one Cat6 cable […]