Shop Products in Your Branch on the ADI Website.

Laura Phelan

On January 21st In ADI Corporate Messages
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Just click “In My Branch” to Shop Only Products IN STOCK IN YOUR BRANCH”.  It’s That Easy!

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As part of our on-going effort to make it easier for you to Shop & Order with ADI Global Distribution, we’ve added a NEW feature to the ADI Website.  It’s called “IN MY BRANCH” and it’s the easiest, fastest way to Shop Products in Your Branch.

By clicking “In My Branch”, all the products on any Browse or Search Results Page will narrow to display only those products in stock at your branch.  On your computer “In My Branch” is displayed in the left navigation under “Narrow Results” and on your Smartphone it can accessed by tapping the “Narrow” Button.  Either way, it makes shopping products in your branch easier than ever before.

To take advantage of this great new feature, Sign In to the ADI Website Today!.

If you don’t have an Online Account Sign Up today.  Click here for U.S.Canada, or Puerto Rico .