David Walker

On August 15th In IP Surveillance Video
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Cameras have become as essential to building security as locks on the doors. Try to imagine a school, government office, even a corner grocery store that doesn’t have some sort of video surveillance application. While it’s easy to put up a camera, deciding what information that camera collects, how it’s stored and used…that’s where things can get tricky.

Securing the Security Camera

Why have a security camera that’s not secure? Unencrypted video streams become a global broadcast of everything that goes on inside a facility. Great for a doggie daycare or beach cam; not so great for a power plant or military base.

Secure stream video encryption helps protect the camera configuration, and Transport Layer Security keeps uninvited eyes from intercepting the video on its way to the NVR.

Reducing False Motion Alerts

There are dozens of videos of dogs, snakes, even bears triggering home security cameras, and while those are internet gold, false alarms aren’t helpful at an installation where security is tantamount. The cameras on the market today are equipped with the latest technology designed to reduce alarm rates by analyzing motion. Thus, an alarm is triggered only when the moving object is recognized as a person. No more alerts when a moth flutters into the camera shot.

Image Quality and Storage

Blurry images never helped catch Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. They definitely won’t help track down real-life mysterious figures who show up on campus security cameras. Higher quality resolution means a clearer image, so you know right away whom you’re dealing with; friend or foe, employee or intruder.

These high-quality images or video clips also need to be stored securely, in a way that makes them easy to access even when you can’t be on-site. Thankfully, H.265 smart codec allows images to take up to 50% less storage space, decreasing operating costs.

All these features may sound expensive, but there are many solutions on the market that are surprisingly affordable and include these functionalities at no additional charge. With today’s advanced IP Camera technology, you no longer need to break the bank for peace of mind.