New Hampshire Liquor Stores – Security is a Top Priority: A Case Study

Mary Wilbur

On February 27th In Video Surveillance
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Liquor stores are the perfect business for video surveillance.  Like any retail environment, they will be the target of crimes that range from product theft, vandalism and parking lot altercations, to more serious situations which may include violence.  There are key benefits to installing video surveillance at liquor stores, and the New Hampshire Liquor Commission (NHLC) is reaping those benefits.

NHLC serves thousands of customers every day with stores located statewide. In 2016, the commission began a two-year project to improve facility security and loss prevention. The first step that was taken towards that goal was to implement a new networked video surveillance system. The project began with 60 stores in 2016, and the remaining stores were completed in 2017.  Further upgrades are budgeted for the future.

The benefits of this program can be seen statewide.  Sales reached an all-time high of $678.4 million marking a $36.3 million increase in total sales in 2016.  That allowed for not only the investment in three new state-run stores but a complete revamp of the VMS security platform.  Monic Simon, Loss Prevention Supervisor for NHLC, was seeking the best method for keeping product on the shelves until it was purchased.  “We could have used any security system we wanted, but we chose one that was agnostic (compatible with any type of camera) so there was no conflict of interest,” Simon said.  “Our goal was an open platform capable of performing any task we felt necessary.”   NHLC doesn’t reveal specific details about its camera system, but they are pleased with the Salient VMS that was used as the core of the installation.

Another consideration was the value proposition of standardizing on one video platform. NHLC had seen that over time, different DVR’s and video systems caused difficulties with maintenance, training, and quality of the video.  They understood that having a uniform system would reduce the complexity and potential failure of disparate systems. The Security Integrator that was hired for the project was knowledgeable in all areas of video surveillance and helped NHLC find the best technology for their needs.

The success of the video system is also based on the need to be adaptable to any type of IP camera. It had to be easy to learn for the user, it had to be dependable, and it had to be scalable.  This allowed NHLC to adapt to the changing security needs of old and new stores, along with the flexibility to take advantage of emerging technologies in the marketplace.

Best of all, the NHLC has been able to deliver a record $156 million to the New Hampshire General Fund during the 2016 fiscal year which allowed the State to support a range of essential programs and services including education, public safety and health and social services.

If you have any questions about the best products to use for your next video surveillance installation, ADI’s Systems Sales & Support Team is here to help. You can contact the ADI System, Sales and Support Team at 1.800.ADI.SYS1.

This Case Study Was Originally Published in Security Today Magazine. Follow this link to read the complete story.


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