The Smart Home Revolution

Rian Steffens

On March 19th In Audio/Video, Smart Home & Control
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The Smart Home Revolution has not been televised.  Instead, it has been live-streamed and consumed, on demand, through the millions of connected devices that are now integral to our culture.  And while Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are getting all the attention in the press, the Smart Security System is working wonders on converting dumb homes into Smart Homes.  One only has to look at the data to see just how hungry Smart Security System users are for new technology to enrich their home lives.  According to a report published by Security Sales & Integration, homes with both broadband and security systems are more than twice as likely to own every major category of Smart Home products than homes with just broadband.  Additionally, homes with broadband and security are also 1.8-2.0 times more likely to indicate their intent to purchase smart home devices in the next 12 months (table below).  This trend even carries over into mainstream products such as Smart Speakers with Personal Assistants, a category that is quickly becoming a must-have for any Smart Security System installer.

Intentions to Acquire a Smart Home Device in 2017

While customers are enamored by the ability to ask Alexa for a weather forecast or to tell them a joke, it’s the Smart Speaker with Personal Assistant’s ability to control the Smart Home that should get Security Installers excited.  The ability to create a comprehensive Smart Security System that utilizes voice to give customers an intuitive and fun means of control is truly remarkable.  Couple that with broad appeal these devices already enjoy and you have an easy win.

It’s clear to some that the main source of growth for a Security Installer is quickly becoming the Smart Home products that can be incorporated into an installation, as the security portion of the solution becomes table stakes.  In fact, it is forecasted that within the next five years some of the technologies list above, especially those connected to safety and security, will be present in over 50% of Security systems installed.  So, what does this mean for you, the ADI customer?  It means, now is the time to begin developing your Smart Home strategy and begin to build your offering to incorporate the categories listed above.  It also means, that if you put this work off any longer, you will most definitely be leaving money on the table and possibly putting the long-term health of your business at risk.

Change like this can be scary, and we totally understand that doing nothing is much easier than making major changes to your business model, but one can only avoid reality for so long.  We challenge you to think boldly, to model your business off the present and future opportunity and reap the benefits while doing so.  A wise man once said, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, and difficulty.”  So, let’s dare to embrace the Smart Home Revolution and help to improve our customers lives through technology.  Above all, let’s not allow fear and doubt to keep us from giving the people what they want.  For help deciding what smart home products work best for you and your business, ADI’s Systems, Sales and Support Team is here to help. You can contact the ADI System, Sales and Support Team at 1.800.ADI.SYS1.


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Kate Rose

On March 16th In Smart Home & Control
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ADI Global Distribution

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Order Online for a Chance to WIN a 55″ 4K UHD TV

ADI Global Distribution

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Order Online for a CHANCE to WIN a 55” 4K UHD TV!* The final drawing period ends 12/18/18. *NO PURCHASE OR OBLIGATION NECESSARY TO ENTER TO WIN. Open to ADI Customers who are US residents 18 years or older. Odds of winning depend upon the number of Eligible Entries Received. Void where prohibited. Subject to […]

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Chris Heaton

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Chris Heaton is the Vice President of Advocacy & Public Affairs for the Electronic Security Association (ESA) On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” into law. While media pundits speculated from liberal and conservative perspectives the impact the most significant tax reform in over 30 years would have on […]

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Michael Accetta

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Happy New Year from ADI Global Distribution!

ADI Global Distribution

On January 1st In ADI Corporate Messages
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Wishing you a happy and a prosperous New Year from ADI Global Distribution.