5 Questions with Austin ADI Branch Manager, Angela De Leon

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On November 14th In ADI Corporate Messages
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Soon to be 20-year ADI vet strives to build relationships, instill trust and make everyone feel like family

ADI Austin Branch Manager Angela De Leon

For those who have walked into ADI’s Austin branch you know that Branch Manager Angela De Leon’s infectious smile cannot be missed. Angela not only greets every customer with her smile, but her upbeat, go-get-them attitude gives them peace of mind that she will help them get the service they need. We sat down with Angela to talk about her approach to being a branch manager, upcoming work anniversary, important initiatives in and out of the office and the impact Resideo’s headquarters being located in the neighborhood has had on her. 

 1. How do you like being in Resideo HQ’s backyard?   

I enjoy being in Resideo’s backyard because it has allowed me to see and hear firsthand how ADI fits into to the Resideo puzzle and why we’re such an important piece. We have such a strong future ahead of us as a company and I love being able to assist when the needs arise as the closest ADI branch. We assisted during construction and system installs of the new headquarters as well as hosting the company’s first earnings meeting. We were also the first ADI branch to host a Resideo Town Hall meeting and had the first video filmed here of a new upcoming Pro Installer Series to be launched next year. Who knew film crews and video cameras would become part of a normal day at the branch. 

2. Do you have any advice for others looking to join the field?  

I would say just jump into this field, the opportunities are many and it is very rewarding, what we do is important, we help provide security and life safety for everyone. It is a great industry and once people join, they may change positions or even companies but they almost never leave. Because of that, it feels like a big family, we do life together, professionally and personally and the time sure flies when you’re having fun. I still cannot believe next year will be my 20th anniversary with ADI.  

  3. What is your favorite place to go on vacation?  

I don’t have a specific place, because my favorite vacation is anywhere that I travel to with my grandkids. Currently I have five grandkids that have been vacationing with me every year for several years and number six was born a few weeks ago, however she is going to have to wait a few years before she joins us. We’ve been to Washington D.C., Arkansas and have even tried out “glamping” where we stayed in a tipi. It’s important to me to leave them with fond memories, like I had growing up, so I’ve made these trips a family tradition. For next year’s vacation I’m thinking we need to try somewhere west this time, such as Colorado. We’ve even thrown around the idea of a cruise, although the kids have unanimously voted to return to Florida. They agree that the beaches are so much nicer than the ones we have in Texas. 

Angela’s five grandkids before their trip to Washington D.C.

 4. Tell me about your biggest ADI accomplishment? Any recent recognitions?  

I’m currently in top 10 for ADI’s Business Excellence, which would be one of my biggest accomplishments if I can hold on to it for a bit longer. We have a lot of great managers, so my competition is fierce. Looking back, I received my green belt certification in 2003 and that project helped make my team become finalist for the Quest for Excellence Award. I also made it into the President’s Club in 2008 for top sales.  

  5. What is the most important thing you do as an ADI branch manager?  

Cultivation. As a branch manager, I’m focused on cultivating, strengthening and maintaining strong relationships with our customers and vendors as well as with my colleagues and other ADI employees. I must also instill trust among all those same entities. As I mentioned before, this industry feels like a big family, so I do my best to make everyone I interact with feels it too. There is strength in numbers and we all win when we work together toward the common goal. 

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