Now is the Time for Residential Surveillance Camera Systems

Marco Cardazzi

On July 24th In IP Solutions, System Sales Tips & Marketing Concepts, Video Surveillance
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Surveillance video is no longer just for commercial security accounts. The usage of residential clients’ Internet connections has opened a brand-new sales opportunity for security dealers.
Consider what consumers are seeing on their televisions and other media. The 24-hour news cycle provides repeated reporting of crimes and assaults, increasing the public’s concern for their safety even though the actual statistics indicate that violent crime incidents have dropped over the last few years.

The major players in the electronic security business are playing up remote video viewing in their TV commercials, showing parents checking on their children and people viewing their home from their office during the workday. Average consumers are being educated that surveillance video can be viewed on their smartphone, tablet, office or home PC. New entrants to the electronic security business such as cable providers are also highlighting home video, with ads showing how a homeowner can answer a knock on their front door, view the visitor, and allow them entry if they want.

Mid-level to high-end residential clients are buying these systems, and should be buying them from you. As an example, after suffering vandalism damage to his house while he was away on a trip, my neighbor had IP network cameras installed on all four outside corners of his home.

Every security dealer can take advantage of the media barrage of residential video and remote control services by offering similar or better remote video services to every residential account. Just remember that what’s shown on TV isn’t necessarily how the cameras will look when your client communicates to an IP camera over the Internet.

What is a key factor in the successful sales of residential remote video is the management of your clients’ expectations. In future blogs we’ll discuss the steps security dealers need to take to ensure customer satisfaction with their IP surveillance video services. Click here to learn more about ADI’s full line of video surveillance products.