New Zealand Company Starts Automated Drone Business

Joe Loucks

On December 22nd In Video Surveillance
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As reported by on November 17th, 2015 the Advanced Security Group, a New Zealand company is launching an automated drone surveillance service. The service called VigilAir has received Civil Aviation approval and has a patent applicable for software that can trigger the automated dispatch of camera-equipped pilot-less drones to investigate an alarm activation and other alerts. Once initiated by an alert from an alarm system, the VigilAir system drones can launch automatically to fly predetermined routes while accounting for weather, safety, privacy and other factors. VigilAir drones can also be vectored to a specific alarm activation and location as well.

Mike Marr, a chief executive of Advanced Security Group told The New Zealand Herald, “The benefits are impressive with a significant reduction in response time, constant video surveillance as well as providing a cost-effective response. VigilAir has the potential to change the face of global security.”

Because of advancements in New Zealand regulations on drone usage, drones can now be certified to be used beyond the line of sight of the operator, above 400 feet from the ground, and can also be approved for night usage. This is an advancement that is predicted to also result in significant gains in the farming, forestry and energy industries as well.

While the use of automated drones in the US and Canada is still hamstrung by regulations, it is easy to imagine that automated video drones could be used now for local installations. For example, in a campus of buildings, the activation of an intrusion alarm could trigger the flight of an automated drone to check the perimeter of the building where the alarm was activated. Such drones would also provide valuable information for factories and other large facilities, while potentially reducing hazards such as exposure to toxic substances or other dangerous situations for live responding personnel.

The use of automated drones may well be the Next Big Thing in large commercial security system installations. In the news release the Advanced Security Group estimates that the market for their automated video equipped drones will grow to a $100 million dollar business by 2019.

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