IP Cameras and Smartphone Apps – Learn about it at the ADI Expo

David Engebretson

On April 24th In IP Solutions, IP Surveillance Video, Video Surveillance1 Comment

The ADI Expo season is well underway and I’ve been travelling all across North America to host training classes at these events. With standing room only in many cities, dealers have been crowding the classrooms for my new seminar titled IP Cameras and Smart Phone Apps: The Perfect Pair for Increasing Sales.

The explosion of smartphone usage is now providing a golden opportunity for security dealers to provide IP cameras that can be quickly installed and connected. Clients can now view their home, office, backyard, or any other location right on their smartphone or other handheld device. In this seminar, we review the uses of IP cameras for residential and commercial applications, remote and local recording of IP video, quick methods to connect these cameras to clients’ LAN networks using Wi-Fi and AC/Ethernet converters, and the uses of smart device apps. 

If you are looking to make more money, then you should definitely plan on participating in this course. Attendees learn how to use Recurring Monthly Video Revenue (RMVR) to greatly increase profits from existing and new clients by providing them with IP video where they can watch their children, pets, care givers, and other important assets utilizing their existing broadband Internet connections.

The feedback from this seminar has been overwhelming so far, and will be available at most of the upcoming ADI Expos. When the ADI Expo comes to your area it provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and applications in the electronic security and low-voltage systems markets, and to spend time with the ADI team and many of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Well I’ve got my bags packed; will I see you at the next ADI Expo? Click here for ADI Expo calendar and register now to reserve your space.

Dave Engebretson of Slayton Solutions Ltd., SDM writer and industry expert, serves as a guest blogger and contributes to the ADI Blog to provide IP tech tips and information on design and installation. With more than 35 years experience in the security, Mr. Engebretson hosts online and instructor-led training in fiber optics and networking of security equipment. He has had an ongoing relationship with ADI, and in addition to contributing to the ADI Blog he conducts IP training courses at ADI Expos across North America. All opinions or commentary in his posts are his own, and may or may not express the opinions of ADI.