How to Enter the PERS Market Space

Marco Cardazzi

On April 22nd In Intrusion
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ADI carries a full line of PERS products including the LifeSentry two-way voice pendant from LogicMark shown above.

My previous post discussed Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) and why you should add this offering to your business model. We are now going to discuss how to enter into the PERS market space and some key components to consider before doing so.

In 2014, the PERS market is estimated to be roughly a $1.4 billion per year business, according to research from Frost & Sullivan. On average, there are over half of a million new customer activations in the United States per year. These numbers show the validity of the PERS market and it is believed that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Before entering this business a solid focus and strategy needs to be developed in order to be successful. Marketing to the senior community is not like marketing to the potential security customer or connected home consumer. Seniors are concerned about aging in place, independence and their safety. They also solely rely on their adult children to help make the right buying decision. Our studies show that 60% of the buying decisions are made by the adult children of the elderly or their caregivers. In today’s world, this normally begins with an internet search for a medical alert or medical alarm. This leads us to two very important strategies.

In order to successfully enter the PERS market, you must establish a medical alert division within your existing security company or create a separate company if you wish. With many buying decisions beginning online, consumers are not searching for a security company to provide a medical alert. They are, however, looking for a medical alert company to fulfill their needs. This is why forming a medical alert division of your company is imperative to a successful program.

Next, you must have a dedicated salesperson focused on the medical alert market. It is counter productive to have your dedicated alarm, access control, fire and CCTV sales staffs try and pursue this market. Creating affinity partnerships within the community is vital to your success. The PERS salesperson must be cultivating relationships with the medical profession to generate a good solid lead follow program.

Lastly, commit to a plan. As mentioned, seniors are reluctant to own a medical alert for various reasons.  According to research from Frost & Sullivan, one in three seniors over 65 years of age will experience a fall. This is the leading cause of emergency room visits by seniors on a yearly basis. Know your market, and tailor your marketing plan to create freedom and independence. You must also understand your creation cost.

ADI offers a full line of PERS products from leading manufacturers including LogicMark. LogicMark offers complete sales and marketing training for dealers that can help you tap into this growing market. Contact your local ADI branch to learn more, or click here to see the full line of LogicMark products available at ADI.