Every Video Surveillance System Should be on the Internet – Part One

Marco Cardazzi

On December 19th In IP Solutions, IP Surveillance Video, Video Surveillance

I think every ADI customer understands the critical role that surveillance video played in the Boston Marathon bombing investigation. Because of the high quality cameras focused on the street, usable images of the alleged perpetrators were quickly located and broadcast to the general public. The suspects were quickly identified and the authorities were able to chase them down.

There are two major concepts that security installation companies should now be applying to every surveillance camera installation, both existing and new. First, the image quality for every camera is critical. If the video from the street cameras in Boston had been fuzzy or of low quality, the alleged criminals might not have been recognized at all, and might still be on the run today.

The second concept is that it’s important that every surveillance camera/system should be connected to the Internet for remote live and recorded viewing. What if the bombs had gone off on a Sunday or in the middle of the night, when the retail stores would typically be closed? No employees would be present to give the authorities access to the recorded video. A business manager or owner would have to be located, contacted, and come to the store to assist the police. All of this would take precious time that the “bad guys” can use to escape the scene of the crime.

Whether the CCTV system is a new installation or existing, the connection of the video feeds to the Internet is a simple process that can be performed within two hours or less, provided that the client has a broadband Internet connection. Providing remote viewing through the Internet will increase your RMR from that account, while potentially providing time-critical information to help protect your customers and the people in your town.

In the next post we’ll discuss the methods of connecting most any existing analog CCTV system to the Internet.

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