Digital Signage – Huge Sales Opportunity for ADI Dealers

Cynthia Menna

On October 20th In Audio/Video
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As you drive around your town or city it is easy to see that digital signs are taking over a large part of the billboard and signage industry. In the following report, we will examine the market potential, equipment and technical knowledge needed for proper installations, and the profits that selling and installing digital signage can provide.

This Market is Exploding

Whether it’s a retail store, enterprise business, house of worship, or public buildings digital signage is popping up all over the landscape. It only makes sense…businesses, enterprises, and government buildings want to be able to provide updated messages on their signage without the high cost and delays of having a new sign made or painted. In addition, many systems that dealers are commonly installing like mass notification are particularly ripe for digital signage as an additional means for visual communication and instructions.

According to some recent research from, the global digital signage market is expected to grow from $14.63 billion in 2014 to $23.76 billion in 2020. This business has the potential to dwarf the traditional electronic security business within the next few years.

Why Security Dealers Should Get in this Business

There are a number of solid reasons for ADI dealers to start selling and installing digital signage.

1.  Huge market and demand – Every retail, enterprise, government or commercial security system customer is a potential buyer of digital signage. The best customers are the ones you already have, and security dealers can work their existing client list for digital sign sales opportunities. And you can provide digital signage to your competitions’ clients, or to facilities that have no security systems installed. The digital signage sales process may well open the doors to additional sales for intrusion, surveillance, and access control systems.

2.  Mature and Proven Technologies – The technology for digital signage is very simple to understand, and the products have a proven track record of reliability.

3.  Digital Signage is a Simple Installation – Basically installing a digital signage solution consists of installing the mounting hardware, hanging a display, connecting a media player (aka PC), supplying power and network cables as needed. All of these steps are relatively simple to perform, and well within the capabilities of typical electronic security technicians. In a single sign installation there is only one remote device to be cabled to the client’s network and the potential for labor cost overruns is greatly reduced.

4.  Post-installation Problems are eliminated – The client is responsible for what the sign displays, the process of which will be detailed later in this report. In most cases the digital displays sold by ADI come with multi-year on-site servicing from these manufacturers, so security dealers need not concern themselves with having to be able to service or repair these devices, which are the big ticket hardware in a digital signage system.

5.  Large Profit Opportunities – Think back when various technologies have come into common usage by businesses, enterprises, and public buildings in the past. When technologies are new to the market, healthy profit margins are readily achieved by the pioneering installation companies. Only when the market becomes saturated do profits erode. Security dealers have a 2-4 year window of big profit possibilities by starting to sell digital signage now. Digital signage installations also open up the door for RMR opportunities through service contracts and managing content.

ADI is here to help you take advantage of the tremendous sales opportunity available with digital signage. In addition to a full line of digital signage products, ADI can help you with content for your installations as well as other adjacent technologies like video walls. Contact your local ADI representative today to learn more about this tremendous sales opportunity.

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