D-Tools and ADI Collaboration Streamlines Proposal Generation for AV Industry

Laura Phelan

On September 11th In A/V, ADI Corporate Messages
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ADI is excited to announce that it’s customers now have real-time access to the entire ADI product catalog with dealer-specific pricing from within the D-Tools, Inc.’s (D-Tools) Cloud environment. D-Tool’s new integration with ADI’s backend catalog and pricing engine simplifies and expedites the proposal and procurement process from beginning to end.

D-Tools Cloud is an easy-to-deploy web-based SaaS application that intelligently guides users through managing sales prospects, quoting, system design, and procurement. The integration of ADI’s vast online product catalog and pricing into D-Tools Cloud allows integrators to deliver quick and accurate quotes to clients. Additionally, D-Tools Cloud users can generate multimedia proposals that enable an unprecedented level of client engagement.

The integration with D-Tools and ADI provides the following valuable benefits to ADI’s customers:

  • Instantaneously and significantly expands the number of products with dealer cost available to D-Tools Cloud users
  • Direct connection to ADI for access to real-time, dealer-specific pricing through the D-Tools Cloud library
  • A friction-free and highly efficient sales process – real-time proposal generation, e-sign capabilities, mobile payment processing

ADI dealers interested in learning how to streamline workflows, improve communications, and increase sales can register for a free trial of D-Tools Cloud by visiting www.d-tools.com/cloud.